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Honors Curriculum

Unlike non-Fellows, Honors Fellows complete the Honors section of the core curriculum. These sections do not add extra hours to a Fellow's schedule; rather, they offer a deeper, richer study of the same content. Fellows with tight sequences do not have to worry about experiencing interruptions on the path to their intended majors. Whether in Honors-cohorted meetings of core courses or in Honors-contracted courses within their major, the Honors Fellows Program does not add new material to their catalog.

Honors Fellows must also complete two Honors contracts within their intended majors, devise and execute the Honors capstone, and complete 10 Honors points. 


A "contract" refers to a kind of negotiation between professor, Fellow, and the Honors director in which the Fellow pursues value-added work in order to both fulfill Honors Fellows Program requirements and receive regular credit for his or her major(s). 

Fellows select two courses at the 300- or 400-level in their intended major to fulfill a contract. The nature of the contract varies according to the professor and the content of the course. 


The Honors capstone is a creative project or research project developed in an interdisciplinary setting. Fellows may choose which direction they wish to pursue.

A creative project requires Fellows to engage their discipline with new approaches not yet explored in the conventional classroom. For example, a biology major might create a field guide for his or her campus's hiking trail, or an English major might devise a Gulliver's Travels board game for schoolchildren. 

A research project requires Fellows to conduct research appropriate to their field of study and write a paper about the research’s results. The expected scope and length of the research project will vary by discipline.

Whether Fellows choose a creative project or a research project, the capstone allows them to think beyond mastery of discipline to translate their disciplinary knowledge to wider publics. 

Honors Points

Honors Fellows must complete 10 Honors points; they are encouraged to formulate a timetable to completion with the Honors director. Fellows may repeat a points category no more than four times.

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