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Honor Roll of Donors

The Honor Roll of Donors

Lyon is pleased to pay tribute to each donor who gave to the College during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, and ending June 30, 2017. It is through generous gifts like these that we are able to continue to fulfill the mission of the College. Thank you for your support!

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Lyon Hearts

Gifts of more than $25,000+


Arkansas' Independent Colleges, North Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Baldwin
First Community Bank, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hatcher
Ms. Beverly (Davis) Johnson, ’57  
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond LaCroix, Jr.
The Late Mr. Andrew Nelson II, ’69  
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phelps
R. E. Lee Wilson Trust Foundation, Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sloan
Ms. Kitty Sloan
Ms. Mary Sloan
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Weatherman
White River Health System, Inc., Batesville, AR
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Whiteside III
Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Young III


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Founders Circle

Gifts of $10,000-$24,999


Bank of Cave City, Cave City, AR
Mr. and Mrs. John Beller
Mrs. Suzanne (Evans) Blair, ’68, and Mr. David Blair
Broker Solutions, Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Forbis
Dr. Carolyn (Green) Holloway, ’00
Mrs. Joan (Creason) Jones, ’52
The Late Dr. Gary Jones, ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nichols
Pearl M. & Julia J. Harmon Foundation, Tulsa, OK
Sharp Bancshares, Inc., Cave City, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith
Stanley Wood Chevrolet/Scott Wood Chrysler, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stephens
Stephens, Inc., Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Stephenson
Texas Presbyterian Foundation, Irving, TX
Mrs. Janis Walmsley and the Honorable Bill Walmsley, ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wood


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Tartan Society

Gifts of $5,000-$9,999


Mr. Stephen Anderson
Mrs. Kathryn Beasley
Dr. Verona Brown and Mr. Gary Bebow
Blackstone Construction, LLC, Russellville, AR
Mrs. Mary (Rutledge) Bristow, ’69, and Mr. Bill Bristow, ’72
Dr. and Mrs. William Bulkley
Citizens Bank of Batesville, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. David Duffield
F & F Construction Company, Inc., Memphis, TN
Dr. Charles Fallis, ’49
Mrs. Jennifer Forrest and Dr. Robert Forrest, ’97
Mr. Jasper "Doc" Freeman, ’55
FutureFuel Chemical Company, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gunderman
Mrs. Janie (Patterson) Hopkins, ’63, and Mr. Howard Hopkins, ’62
Dr. Leticia (Wright) Jones, ’01, and Mr. David Jones, ’99
Mr. Mark Light, ’92
LPL Financial, San Diego, CA
Merrill Lynch, Nashville, TN
Mrs. Karen Rayburn and Mr. Len Rayburn, ’91
The Late Mrs. Connie Schirmer
Dr. and Mrs. James Simpson III
Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates, Austin, TX
Mrs. Ann (Westmoreland) Taylor, ’60
Dr. Diane Tebbetts and Dr. Terrell Tebbetts
The Boeing Co., Chicago, IL
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Tranum
Dr. Michelle Warden and Mr. Kirk Warden


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Highlander Society

Gifts of $1,000-$4,999


Mrs. Dianne Austin and Mr. Bill Austin, ’62
Mrs. LaGina (Swetnam) Austin, ’94, and Dr. Bradley Austin, ’94
Mr. Marlon Banks, ’03
Barber Law Firm PLLC, Little Rock, AR
Dr.  Amber (Cooper) Bazler, ’04, and Mr. Thiago Bazler, ’05
Mr. Don Bedell
Dr. and Mrs. David Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bell
Mrs. Jo Beller and Dr. Chris Beller, ’98
Beller Dental Clinic, Batesville, AR
Mr. Steven Benefield
Mrs. Martha (Marshall) Bentley, ’67, and Mr. Larry Bentley, ’62
Ms. Linda Bledsoe
Mrs. Katie Bork and Mr. Eric Bork, ’07
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. William Branch, Jr.
Dr. Benjamin Bridges, ’97
Mrs. Mitcheal O'Neal Brown
Mrs. Regina (Rowe) Bryant, ’82, and Mr. Thomas Bryant, ’74
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Buchanan
C. B. Foundation, Little Rock, AR
Dr. Carol Acree Cavalier and Dr. Phillip Acree Cavalier
Mr. and Mrs. Ghost Cheatham
Circle B Enterprises Holding Company, Inc., Sikeston, MO
Ms. Robin Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clark
Colton's Steak House & Grill, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Kate Cooke
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cooper
The Late Mrs. Jean (Rutherford) Crouch, ’62, and the Late Mr. James Crouch
Crow-Burlingame Company, Little Rock, AR
Mrs. Dana Daniel and Mr. Scott Daniel, ’92
Mrs. Cindy Davis and Mr. Ricky Davis, ’80
Davis Family Investments LLC, Heber Springs, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Dover
Dunvegan Foundation of Clan MacLeod Society, Raleigh, NC
E. Sloan Farms Inc., Jonesboro, AR
Eagle Mountain Golf Course, Batesville, AR
Mr. Pat Ellebracht
Mr. and Mrs. John Engskov
Mrs. Ruby (Barr) Faught, ’47
First Baptist Church, Batesville, AR
First Presbyterian Church, Clarksville, AR
Dr. Dickson Flake
Mr. Carter Ford
Mr. John Forkner, ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forrest
Mr. Sam Freeman
Mrs. Virginia Galbraith and Mr. Richard Galbraith, ’65
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Garlington III
Dr. Tiffany (Runyan) Garrison, ’95, and Mr. Zac Garrison
George H. Dunklin, Jr. Charitable Foundation, Stuttgart, AR
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Grafton
Mr. Michael Graves
Ms. Sarah Greenwood, ’00
Ms. Gretchen Hall, ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hawkins
Mrs. Glenda (Adams) Hess, ’61, and Dr. Robert Hess, ’60
Mrs. Patricia (McAdams) Holmberg, ’73, Mr. Edwin Holmberg, Jr., ’72
Mrs. Barbara Hoover
Mrs. Sandra (Nash) Hughes, ’60, and Mr. Bill Hughes, ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Brice Jackson
Ms. Judy Jeffery, ’69
Mrs. Kristie (Gay) Jenkins, ’92, and Mr. Kevin Jenkins, ’86
Mrs. Buffie Johnson and Mr. Jerry Johnson, ’86
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnston
Mr. Wilson Jones
Mrs. Starr (Belleville) Kent, ’65, and Mr. Johnny Kent, ’64
Kent's Firestone Service, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ketz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kinnear
Mrs. Mary (Spragins) Kuykendall, ’54, and Mr. Louis Kuykendall
LaCroix Optical Company, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ladusau
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lamberth
Ms. Jane Lasswell-Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lea
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Low
Luther King Capital Management, Fort Worth, TX
Mrs. Jane Lyon and the Late Dr. Frank Lyon, Jr.
Mr. Van Manning, Jr.
Mark Martin Chevrolet, Melbourne, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Martin
Mr. Tibor Mazar
Mr. and Mrs. Max McElmurry
Mrs. Kelly (Dale) McSpadden, ’83, and Mr. Donald McSpadden, ’75
Merchants & Planters Bank, Newport, AR
Merchants & Planters Bank, Batesville, AR
Dr. Scott Merrell, ’92
Midwest Lime Company, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Jimmie Anne (Davis) Mitchum, ’66
Mr. Ray Morris
Dr. Kristy Ketz and Dr. Patrick Mulick
Mrs. Sarah “Cricket” Oquist, ’93, and Dr. Rodney McFadden
Mrs. Sharmilee Patel and Mr. Dharmesh Patel, ’92
Dr. and Mrs. John Peek
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perkins
Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista, Bella Vista, AR
Presbytery of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. James Pritchard
Mr. Dwayne Reliford, ’94
Mrs. Jo Ann (Kerr) Richards, ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Riggs
Mrs. Virginia (Tucker) Robertson, ’64, and Dr. Adam Robertson, ’63
Rose Law Firm Charitable Trust, Little Rock, AR
Mr. Joseph Rugger, ’03
Mr. and Mrs. James Rutherford III
Mrs. Claire Sale, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seasholtz
Mrs. Julia (Barnes) Shelton, ’00, and Mr. David Shelton, ’00
Mrs. Martha (Huggins) Shirrell, ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Shutt
Dr. Deborah Sisson, ’86
Sissy's Log Cabin, Inc., Pine Bluff, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Skinner
Mrs. Lesley Smith and Dr. Shane Smith, ’93
Smith Plumbing, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mrs. Caroline Spillers
Mrs. Jeanne Spragins and Dr. Joel Spragins, ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stroud
Synod of the Sun, PC (U.S.A.), Irving, TX
Mr. Clifford Tackett, ’60
Mrs. Lisa Taylor and Mr. Stan Taylor, ’73
The Crow Foundation, Shreveport, LA
Dr. and Mrs. David Thomas
The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, AR
Dr. Crystal (Dickerson) Walker, ’00, and Dr. Robin Walker
Mrs. Sarah (Harvey) Wang, ’06, and Mr. Tony Wang
Mr. Victor Werley, ’03
Mr. Andrew West
Dr. and Mrs. Dan West
White River Services, Batesville, AR
Mr. Stephen Williams, ’82
Dr. Sloan Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilson
Wood-Lawn, Inc., Batesville, AR
Dr. Virginia Wray
Mrs. Lucy (Jeffery) Yeager, ’67, and Mr. Danny Yeager


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Pipers Club

Gifts of $500-$999


Animal Medical Center, Batesville, AR
Barbara Jean Ltd., Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Barnett, Jr.
The Late Mr. James F. Barnett, ’47  
Mrs. Terri Bell and Mr. Aubrey Bell, ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bell
Mr. Stone Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bouchard
Mr. David Branscum, ’08
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bube
Mrs. Brandy (Rennicke) Carroll, ’95, and Mr. Timothy Carroll, ’96
Mr. Seth Cheek
Citizens Financial Services, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Mayra Cloud and Mr. Braye Cloud, ’05
David's Home and Sleep Center, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Embry
Mrs. Alberta Ericson and Master Chief Edward Ericson, ’89
First National Bank of Sharp County, Ash Flat, AR
First Presbyterian Church, Camden, AR
First Presbyterian Church, Jonesboro, AR
First Presbyterian Church, McKinney, TX
First Presbyterian Church, Van Buren, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foote
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gomez
Mrs. Heather Graham and Mr. Chester Long
Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Green
Mrs. Valerie (Tate) Gunter, ’97, and Dr. Matt Gunter, ’97
Dr. Julea Garner, ’84, and the Reverend Brien Hall, ’92
Mr. Herman Hammerschmidt, Jr., ’70
Mrs. Shannon (Myers) Haney, ’05, and Mr. Daniel Haney, ’08
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Holifield
Dr. Alvin Holliman
Mrs. Becky Horne and Dr. Rex Horne, Jr., ’75
Mr. Del Howard
I. N. Barnett Farm, Batesville, AR
Independence County Abstract Co., Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
K and D Industries, Inc., Magnolia, TX
Mrs. Bettye Kerns and Mr. Arthur Kerns, ’72
Key Network Logistics, Inc., Burbank, CA
Mrs. Michelle (Smart) Kieffer, ’96, and Mr. Ryland Kieffer, ’98
Mr. Charles Kimball II
Mrs. Frances Moore-Kyle and Mr. Stuart Kyle
Dr. George Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence
Mrs. Ginger (Townsend) Long, ’93, and the Late Mr. Lester Long, Jr., ’93
Mark Martin Chevrolet Buick GMC, Ash Flat, AR
Mark Martin Ford, Batesville, AR
Mark Martin Kia, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Browne Matthews
Mr. Jerry Matthis, Jr.
Max Brooks Realty, Inc., Batesville, AR
MorningSide Coffee House, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Joanne (Nolen) Mosley, ’54
Mr. Wes Obrigewitsch
Mrs. Susan (Thomas) Pool, ’85, and Mr. James Pool
Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ritter
Mrs. Carol (Barnett) Robertson, ’59 
Mrs. Jeannie Williams-Roepcke, ’97, and Mr. Tony Roepcke, ’06
Mrs. Alma Rogers and Mr. Donald Rogers, ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Rollans
Mr. Herbert Rule III
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rutledge
Security Benefits Solutions, LLC, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Amy (Steele) Shaver, ’61
Mrs. Nancy Shelton
Mr. Peter Skae
The Reverend and Mrs. Stewart Smith
Mrs. Donitia (Sutton) Smith, ’01, and Dr. Jeremy Smith, ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Wallie Sprick
Spring River Presbyterian Church, Hardy, AR
Mrs. Frances (Satterfield) St. John, ’67
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Frances (Benson) Stevens, ’56, and Mr. Calvin Stevens
Mrs. Kay Stice
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Strack
Mr. William Sumner III
Mr. Robert Taylor
Mrs. Tanya (Britt) Taylor, ’87, and Mr. Lance Taylor
Dr. Ralph Teed, ’05
Mr. and Mrs. David Turney
Wade's Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electric, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Ann Walmsley and Mr. Andrew Walmsley, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Lendon Welch
Witsell Evans & Rasco Architects, Little Rock, AR
Ret. MSGT and Mrs. James Womack


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Scots’ League

Gifts of $250-$499


Mrs. Nancy Love, ’12, and Mr. Kenton Adler
Mr. William Alexander
Atlas Asphalt, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mrs. Nina Avant and Mr. Clifton Avant, ’78
Mrs. Timple Avant and Dr. Freddie Avant, ’80
Bad Boy, Inc., Batesville, AR
Ms. Judith (Sheley) Baker, ’61
Mrs. Betty (Massey) Barnett, ’87, and Mr. Charles Barnett
Italian Grill LLC, Batesville, AR
Independence County Sheriff's Department, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Sharon (Webb) Blevins, ’94, and Dr. Brooks Blevins, ’92
Mrs. Sarah (Yeager) Boelhouwer, ’96, and Mr. Eric Boelhouwer
Mrs. Carly Dahl and Mr. Dustyn Bork
Mr. Warren Brainard, ’99
Ms. Melissa Bube
Mrs. Janet (Parks) Burks, ’53, and Dr. Arvil Burks, ’53
Camp County Monument Company, Pittsburg, TX
Mrs. Ellen (Terrell) Case, ’82, and Mr. Steve Case
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Castleberry
Centennial Bank, Batesville, AR
Mr. Dennis Chovanec
Mr. and Mrs. John Church
Mrs. Penny Churchill and Dr. David Churchill, ’81
Mr. Elvis Clark, ’62
Cooper's Hawk Golf Course, Melbourne, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Covington
The Late Patsy (Chamberlin) Craig, ’49, and Dr. Robert Craig, ’45
Mrs. Terri (Pellow) Crawford, ’91, and Mr. Gene Crawford II, ’85
Dr. Kimberly Crosby, ’92
Cup'd Up Calls, LLC, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Curtright
Dr. Jennifer Daniels and Mr. Gnatt Tucker
David A. Schueller, CPA, L.P., Southlake, TX
Mr. Judd Deere, ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Dobler
Edward Jones, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. James Elsasser
Mr. Tom Erikson
Mr. Jason Finney, ’92
First Presbyterian Church, Batesville, AR
First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, TX
Mr. Thurman Ford, Jr., ’56
Ford Insurance and Finance Services, Inc., Batesville, AR
Ms. Aimee (Evins) Galbraith, ’96
Mr. Russ Galbraith, ’96
Mrs. Gina (Block) Garrett, ’93, and Mr. Lane Garrett, ’93
Mrs. Mary Lou Gennings and Mr. Mike Gennings, ’64
Mrs. Betsy (Spragins) Gillaspy-Williams, ’61, and Mr. Caral Williams
Ms. Gwendolyn Green, ’95, and Mr. Jeremy Peppas
Mr. Tyler Grisham, ’92
Mrs. Beth (Zehms) Hallowell, ’92, and Mr. Mark Hallowell
Mr. James Hamilton, ’80
Mrs. Vikita Hardwrick and Mr. Samuel Hardwrick, Jr., ’79
Mrs. Willa Harkey
Dr. Melissa Hicks, ’78
Hill & Hill Partnership, Moro, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Icenhower
IMAD I'm Making A Difference, Newport, AR
Integrated Health Management, Batesville, AR
Dr. and Mrs. George Jackson
Mr. Earl Jacobs
Jamestown Investment, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. Jared Johnson
Mr. Daniel Key, ’14
Kiwanis Club, Batesville, AR
Mr. John Krueger
Dr. Sandra Lang and Dr. James Lang, ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lange
Lewis Heating and Air Conditioning, Bettendorf, IA
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Linson
Mrs. Polly Livingston
Mrs. Gretchen Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lopez
Ms. Judy Loving
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lucas
Mrs. Candice (Jones) Martin, ’03, and Mr. Matthew Martin, ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Massey
Mr. Matt Matheny, ’03
The Reverends Rachelle and Ray McCalla
Dr. and Mrs. W. L. McColgan, Jr.
Ms. Tanja (Ludwig) McDermott, '93, and Mr. Jim McDermott
Mr. Jim McSwain
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milligan
Mrs. Michelle Mitchell and Mr. Rick Mitchell, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mowery
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Murfin
Mrs. Helen Musgrave and Mr. Peter Musgrave, ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Watson Neal, ’10
Mrs. Sidney Nisbet
Mrs. Dixie Owens and Dr. Ben Owens, ’59
Ozark Information Services, Batesville, AR
Ms. Alexandra Patrono-Smith, ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pence
Mr. John Pope, ’14
R&R Rebar Fabricators, Inc., Seffner, FLMr. Cole Ragsdale, ’16
Ms. Joy Ring, ’61
Mrs. Louise (Crutcher) Rutledge, ’60
Saied Music Company, North Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders, Jr.
SB Equipment Consulting, Naples, FL
Mrs. Kelly (Shaver) Schluterman, ’01, and Dr. Chris Schluterman, ’00
The Late Dr. Mark Schram
Second Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, AR
Mrs. Mattie (Benson) Seward, '64, and Mr. David Seward, Jr., ’65
Mr. Jeff Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Smith
Mrs. Monica (Alexander) Sprankell, ’96, and Dr. Adam Sprankell, ’97
Mrs. Whitney (Williams) Steele, ’03, and Mr. Nick Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Stroud
Mr. William Sumner, Jr.
Mrs. Lara (Obert) Swearingen, ’04, and Mr. Russ Swearingen, ’04
Tate's Bluff Presbyterian Church, Chidester, AR
Ms. Eleanore Tebbetts, ’07
The Upper Crust Pizza, LLC, Jonesboro, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tognarine
Mr. and Mrs. Lary Walker
Mrs. Linda (Langley) Wann, ’61, and Mr. Fred Wann, ’59
Ms. Connie Waters
Mrs. Cheri (Engle) Weitkamp, ’92, and Mr. Roger Weitkamp, ’91Mr. and Mrs. Tristan West
White River Baptist Church, Oil Trough, AR
White River Diagnostic Clinic, PLC, Batesville, AR
White River Financial Services
Mr. Nathan Whitlow, ’15
Ms. Deborah Willhite, ’74
Mr. Craig Woodcook, ’94
Ms. Theresa Woods, ’94
WRD Entertainment Inc., Batesville, AR
Mrs. Betty Wright and Dr. John Wright, ’60
Ms. Berlinda Yarnell
Dr. Nikki Yonts
Mrs. Kimberly (Dickerson) Young, ’00, and Mr. Wayne Young


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Celtic Club

Gifts up to $249


109 Main Dining Club, Batesville, AR
Dr. Lora Adair and Mr. Adam Adair
Mr. Cody Adams, ’13
Ms. Elsie Adkins
Mr. L.T. Adkins
Mr. Ted Adkins
Mr. Stephen Adkins
Air Systems, LLC, Little Rock, AR
Mr. Damon Akin, ’00
Mr. Theodore Akin, ’12
Mrs. Elaine (Slayton) Akin, ’06, and Mr. Timothy Akin, ’07
Mrs. Lynn (McLachlan) Alberson, ’70, and Mr. Michael Alberson, Sr.
Mr. Craig Albin
Mr. and Mrs. James Aldridge
All Starr Tree & Landscape, Inc., McKinney, TX
Dr. Anne Allen and Dr. Charles Allen, ’61
Mrs. Mary Jane Allen and Mr. Earnest Allen, ’63
Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth Anderson and Mr. Dale Anderson, ’69
Mrs. Christina Andrews and Mr. James Andrews, ’75
Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice, Little Rock, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Araya
Arkansas Lime Co., Batesville, AR
Ms. Mary Armstrong, ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Arnold
Mr. Robert "Rodge" Arnold, ’06
Arnold Kawasaki-Yamaha
Mr. and Mrs. Baldomero Arteaga
Mr. Robert Austin, ’15
Austin Auto Sales, LLC, Caraway, AR
B.S. Farms Partnership, Wynne, AR
Mr. Frank Babb
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Baca
Mrs. Karen (Day) Bailey, ’85, and Mr. Kenneth Bailey
Mrs. Mandy Baker and Mr. Johnathan Baker, ’04
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Balentine
Mrs. Mary Ball, ’94, and Mr. Harold Ball
Dr. Karen Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barlow
Mrs. Meg Barnes and Mr. Joseph Barnes, ’94
Mr. Melvin Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Seth Barnes
Ms. Autumn Barnett
Mrs. Jane (Alderson) Barnhill, ’73, and Mr. Terry Barnhill, ’70
Mrs. Zelpha Bates and Mr. John Bates, ’55
Batesville Eye Care Center, Batesville, AR
Batesville Printing Company, Batesville, AR
Mr. Joshua Baugh, ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Verlan Beacham
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Beal
Mrs. Camille (Allen) Beary, ’80, and Mr. Michael Beary, ’79
Ms. Abby Beck, ’17
Ms. Jill Beck
Ms. Lydia Beck
Dr. Martha Beck
Mrs. Holly (Collins) Beckwith, ’05, and Mr. Clay Beckwith
Mr. Blake Belvin, ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Bennett
Mrs. Linda Bennett
The Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Betz
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Beyerle
Bishop's Collision Repair Center, Inc., Batesville, AR
Black River Arms, Lynn, AR
Ms. Judith A. Blackwell, ’05
Mr. and Mrs. David Blagg
Bluegrass Maintenance, Inc., Katy, TX
Mrs. Carol (Misner) Board, ’74, and Dr. Veryl Board
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boardman
Mrs. Reagan (Greeno) Bodeker, ’03
Dr. Ron Boling
Mrs. Shannon (Alexander) Boling, ’07, and Dr. John Boling, ’07
Mrs. Kelly (Schafer) Booy, ’01, and Mr. Stefan Booy, ’99
Dr. Maryline Bossus
Mrs. Catherine (Jackson) Bounds, ’80, and Mr. Jim Bounds
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Bowers
Mr. Winston Bowman, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boyd
Ms. Katelynn Boyd, ’05
Mrs. Georganna Bradley and Mr. Edward Bradley, ’72
Mrs. Betty Branscum
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bridger
Ms. Nancy Bright
Ms. Vivian Britt
Mrs. Geneva (Sharp) Broadwater, ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Brock
Mrs. Tammy (Tate) Brock, ’94, and Mr. Harold Brock
Mr. David Brogdon, ’93
Ms. Tonya Bronson
Dr. Josh Brooks, ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brookshire
Ms. Casey Brown, ’99
Ms. Karin Brown
Mrs. Megan Brown
Ms. Patricia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown
Mr. Robert Bruina, ’68
Ms. Theresa Brumley
Ms. Megan Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bryant
Bryant's Pharmacy and Health Care Center, Batesville, AR
BSN Sports, Little Rock, AR
Mrs. Melanie (Morrison) Buchanan, ’05, and Mr. Matthew Buchanan, ’05
Mrs. Karen Buck and Mr. Andy Buck, ’63
Mrs. Marsha Budnik, ’01
Mr. Randy Budnik
Mr. Alan Bufford, ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burke
Mr. and Mrs. John Burke
Mr. G. M. Burkland, ’73
Ms. Audra Burris
Mrs. Elizabeth Burris and Mr. Billy Burris, ’79
Burrito Farm, LLC, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buscher
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buscher
Ms. Leah Byers, ’09
Mrs. Dorothy Byrd
Mrs. Phylis Byrd, ’86, and Mr. James Byrd
C & B Tax, Inc., Jonesboro, AR
Ms. Beth Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. Hall Calhoun
Dr. and Mrs. Claud Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Campbell
Ms. Mary Canady, ’65
Capital Perfusion, Inc., Mountain Home, AR
Mr. Philip Cargill, ’77
Ms. Stacey Carmeans
Mr. Richard Carr
Mrs. Lana (Brower) Carriglitto, ’95, and Mr. John Carriglitto
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Carter
Mr. Robert Cash
Mr. Henry Castaigne, ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Castleberry
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Hairl Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chapman
Mrs. Sarabelle (Bray) Chapman, ’59, and Mr. Charles Chapman
Mr. Michael Charbono
Ms. Nicole Charbono
Mr. Michael Cherry, ’12
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Chisholm
Mrs. Georgia Chism
Mrs. Janet Chitwood and Mr. William Chitwood, Jr., ’57
Mr. and Mrs. George Chlebak
Ms. Jera Chovanec
Mr. Michael Chrisman, ’15
Ms. Julie Church, ’04
Mr. and Mrs. John Clark
Mrs. Michele Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clawson
Mrs. Joe Clement, Jr.
Mr. Robert Coe
Ms. Janice Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Colbert
Ms. Cathryn Coles, ’16
Mrs. Katherine (Tucker) Colgan, ’05, and Mr. Kelly Colgan
Mr. John Collins, ’82
Ms. Latasha Collins
Mr. Bob Conditt
Mr. Patrick Conway, ’92
Mr. William Cooksey, ’01
Ms. Jo Ann Cooper
Mr. Kevin Cordell
Mr. Frank Cortez
Ms. Kathleen Cortez
Mr. Rodney "Jef" Cotham, ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Jacky Cothren
Ms. Betty Lou Covalt
Ms. Jen Cowan, ’13
Mr. Randall Crafton
Ms. Jessica Craven, ’17
Mrs. Vickie (Martin) Crawford, ’71, and Mr. Larry Crawford
Mr. William "Will" Crawford, ’19
Ms. Megan Crook, ’17
Mrs. Sylvia Crosby
Mr. Jack Crump, ’63
Mrs. Elizabeth (Rowe) Cummings, ’02, and Mr. Jason Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Currier
Curry Sporting Goods, Jonesboro, AR
Cushman Assembly of God Church, Cushman, AR
Dr. Brian D'Haeseleer
Dahlstedt Pottery, Mountain View, AR
Ms. Melissa Dalehite
Dr. Rose Danek and Mr. Zachary Danek
Ms. Rebecca Daniels
Darrell's Foreign Car Repair, Batesville, AR
Mr. James Davenport, ’04
Mrs. Dana Davidson and Mr. Cord Davidson, ’95
Ms. Na'Tasha Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Davis
Mr. Mario De Giuli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dejarnette
Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey
Mrs. Erin Dennis and Mr. Charles Dennis, ’01
Mr. Lawrence Dennis, ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Denton
Mrs. Heather (Copeland) DePriest, ’05, and Mr. Derek DePriest
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deville, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Devillier
Ms. Denise Devillier
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Devillier
Ms. Stacy Devillier
Ms. Lyeta Dickerson
Ms. Debra Dickey
Mr. and Mrs. David Diemer
Mr. Andrew Dixon, ’03
Mrs. Sallye (McMillan) Dobbins, ’60, and Mr. John Dobbins
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dobler
Ms. Ashley Dorsey, ’08
Ms. Martha Dougherty
Ms. Carole Douglas
Mrs. Nancy (McDowell) Dowdy, ’59, and Mr. John Dowdy, ’59Mr. Keith Dowell
Mr. Landon Downing, ’13
Dr. and Mrs. Guilford Dudley
Mrs. Peggy (Arnold) Dufek, ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dunaway
Mrs. Beverly Duncan and Mr. Raymond Duncan, ’63   
Mrs. Taryn (Hill) Duncan, ’91, and Mr. Tommy Duncan
Mrs. Jessica (Brents) Dunham, ’09, and Mr. Joshua Dunham, ’12
Mrs. Elaine (Adams) Dupree, ’86, and Mr. Robert Dupree
Mr. Matthew Cody Duvall, ’17
Mrs. Daisy (Dyer) Duerr, ’97
Mr. John Earney, ’05
Mr. Eddie Edmonson, Jr.
Mr. John Preston Edwards
Mr. Johnny Edwards
Dr. Thomas Ekman, ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Eldred
Mr. Curt Ellington
Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis II
Mrs. Rhonda (Benson) Ellis, ’91, and Mr. John Ellis, ’91
Mrs. Marcia Ellsworth and Mr. Brad Ellsworth, ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Emerson
Mrs. Judy Engles, ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew English
Mr. Jason Ennis, ’99
Mr. James Erhardt
Mr. Ronald Ernest
Dr. Christopher Estes, ’06
Mrs. Brenda Estes and Mr. Lowell Estes, Jr., ’71
Dr. Suzanne Evans and Dr. Brian Evans, ’97
Ms. Gabrielle Everett, ’90
Ms. Lynda Everett
Mr. Wes Faith, ’91
Faith Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Batesville, AR
Family Chiropractic Care, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Farris
Mr. Scott Faulkner, ’89
Ms. Audree Faust
Ms. Edna Fell
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Felts
Ms. Sarah Fendley, ’09
Mrs. Elizabeth (Orsi) Fennig, ’70, and Mr. Frederick Fennig, ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ferguson
Ms. Summer Ferguson, ’17
Mr. Vernon Ferguson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ms. Nicole Fiedler
Mr. Jimmie Fields, ’63
Mrs. Charlotte (Tanner) Finney, ’66
Mrs. Carolyn Finnie and Mr. Thomas Finnie, ’03
First Baptist Church, Diaz, AR
First United Methodist Church, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fisher
Ms. Ann Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flaherty
Fletcher and Bensky Furs, Little Rock, AR
Dr. Kevin Flinn, ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Flores
Ms. Lucretia Flowers
Mr. Jance Floyd, ’07
Mr. Jeremy Floyd
Ms. Megan Foll, ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. William Fox, Jr.
Mr. Jay Frain
Mrs. Christy (Schuchardt) Frank, ’05, and Dr. Robert Frank, ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Jonn Franklin
Mr. Lawrence Frazey
Ms. Elizabeth Frazey
Fred's Fish House, Batesville, AR
Ms. Katrina Frickleton, ’17
Mr. Edwin Gabriel
Mrs. Beth (Neelly) Gaines, ’97, and Mr. Trey Gaines, ’97
Mrs. Mary Jo Galiyas and Mr. Mitchell Galiyas, ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Garner
Garrett H. Webb, DDS, PA, Paragould, AR
The Late Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Gatewood
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gawronski
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Gehm
Mrs. Erin Geiser and Mr. Edward Geiser, ’96
Mrs. Jane Gerber and the Reverend Larry Gerber, ’66
Mrs. Dalina Gholson, ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gigax
Mr. Arthur Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gillam
Gillihan's Body Shop, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. Joshua Gillispie
Mrs. Leslie (Bragg) Gitz, ’05, and Dr. Bradley Gitz
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Glascock
Mr. Sam Glast
Mrs. Andrea Glaude and Mr. Roger Glaude, ’14
Mr. Griffin Glaude, ’15
Mrs. Janice (Box) Gleghorn, ’55
Mrs. Cheryl (Armstrong) Goetz, ’85, and Mr. Roy Goetz, ’85
Mrs. Elizabeth Goines
Ms. Nicole Gooch
Mr. and Mrs. N. B.  Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gore
Grace Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, AR
Ms. Donna Gracy
Ms. Karen Gracy
Mr. and Mrs. James Graham
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Graham
Grand Slam Properties, LLC, Jonesboro, AR
Mr. William Graves, ’80
Ms. Diana (Wilson) Gray, ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gready
Mr. Aaron Green, ’15
Mr. Gregg Green
Mrs. Frances Green and Mr. James Green, ’62
Mr. William Green
Green Thumb Lawn Care LLC, Jonesboro, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greer
Mrs. Lacrisha (Bumpous) Griffin, ’03, and Dr. Rodney Griffin, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. John Grijalva II
Mr. Bradley Grinstead
Mrs. Mara (Marlin) Grisham, ’76, and Mr. Nick Grisham
Mrs. Melissa Grubbs
Mr. Timoteo Guajardo, Jr., ’11
Ms. Lisa Guerra
Ms. Morgan Gurke, ’17
Mr. Bing Hack
Ms. Hannah Hairston, ’17
Mrs. Mary (Sanders) Haley, ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall
Ms. Jeannine (Duplessis) Hamilton, ’96
Mr. Kevin Hamilton, ’94
Mrs. Mary Sue Hamilton
Mrs. Lorraine Hannah
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hanson
Ms. Mitzi (Poff) Hargan, ’79
Mr. Paul Harness, ’95
Ms. L. C. Harrell
Dr. Kristi (Thompson) Harris, ’97, and Mr. Rodney Harris
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Harris
Mr. Tanner Harris
Mrs. Sarah Harris and Mr. Lee Harris, Jr., ’81
Ms. Victoria Hartogh, ’16
Mr. Keifer Hartwig
Mr. Justin L. Hawkins, ’98
Mr. Curt Hawkins, ’06
Mr. Jack Hayes, ’16
Mr. Scott Hayes, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hazard
Mrs. Martha (McGinnis) Healey, ’71, and Mr. Jon Healey
Health First Chiropractic, Pickertington, OH
Mrs. Emma Lou (Jones) Hedden, ’47, and Mr. Donald Hedden, ’50
Ms. Jean Heisey
Mr. Mark Helms
Mr. Darryl Henderson
Ms. Lisa Henderson
Mrs. Mary (Meade) Henderson, ’86, and Mr. Jerry Henderson
Mrs. Margarett (Altom) Henley, ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hennigan
Dr. John Herda
Heritage House, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Geronimo B. Herrera
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Herrera
Mr. Don Heuer, ’50
Mrs. Diane (Rogers) Hibbard, ’64, and Mr. Edward Hibbard, ’62
Mr. Paul Hickman, ’93
Mrs. Muriel Hicks and Mr. John Hicks, Jr., ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hicks
Ms. Robyn Hidas
Mrs. Judith Higgins and Mr. James Higgins, ’00
Mrs. Bettye (Millikan) Highsmith Miller, ’60, and Dr. Norman Miller
The Reverend Kathleen (Thompson) Hignight, ’81, and the Reverend Dan Hignight, ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hill
Mrs. Evelyn (Douglass) Hill, ’53
Mr. Matthew Hill, ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hill
Ms. Stephanie Hill
Mr. Steven Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hill
Mrs. Kimberly Hinds-Brush
Mrs. Patricia Hinojosa and Mr. Geronimo Herrera, Jr.
Ms. Michelle Hobbs
Mr. Spencer Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hogue
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Holifield
Ms. Donna Holland
Dr. Justin Holt, ’05
Mr. and Mrs. William Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horton
Mr. Derrick Houston
Ms. Renee Hubbard, ’72
Mrs. Elizabeth (Niemeyer) Hudgens, ’12, and Mr. Tyler Hudgens, ’12
Mrs. Erin (Patton) Hueter, ’03, and Dr. Ryan Hueter, ’03
Mr. Scott Huffman, ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Huffstuttler
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hughes
Dr. Fran Hughes
Mr. Timothy Hughes
Mrs. Vernita Humphrey and the Honorable Marion Humphrey
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hurley
Mrs. Evelyn Hurley Langston
Mrs. Kelly Hurst, ’93
Ms. Jessie Hurt, ’11
Mrs. Linda Hutchins, ’95, and Mr. Donald Hutchins
Mrs. Sarah Hyatt and Dr. Benjamin Hyatt, ’51
Mr. Andrew Hyde
Hydro Broom, Inc., Ellendale, TN
Mr. Jeremy Jackson, ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Jacquinet
Mrs. Norma Jean James, ’71
Ms. Misty Jameson
Jamison Pest and Lawn, Memphis, TN
Janet Smart Agency, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mrs. Julie Jefferson and Mr. Lawrence Jefferson, ’89
Mr. Bryan Jeffery, ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Jenkins
Ms. Mary Jenkins
Mr. Rick Jenkins
Mr. Keith Jennison
Ms. Janice Jensen
Jim's Tank Service, LLC, Memphis, TN
Mr. Colby Johnson, ’15
Mrs. Jennifer (Littrell) Johnson, ’97
Mr. Tyler Johnson, ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jolly
Ms. Betty Jones
The Reverend Lance Jones, ’69
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Jones
Mr. Lane Jones, ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jones
Josie's at the Lockhouse, Batesville, AR
JR Painting, Salt Lake City, UT
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Juillerat
Mr. Nicholas Juncos, ’17
Kallsnick, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mrs. Jill Kamps and Mr. David Kamps, ’00
Ms. Stephanie Keith, ’90
Mrs. Marla Kelley and Mr. Hershal Kelley, ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kelley
Mr. Matt Kelly, ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kemp
Mrs. Crystal Ann (Brown) Kemp, ’91, and Mr. Michael Kemp, ’88
Ms. Hana Kenny, ’17
Kenny Allen Insurance Agency, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. Frederico Kiffer, ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kildow
Mrs. Carrie (Beyerle) Kilgore, ’04, and Mr. Billy Kilgore
Mr. Jonathan Kimberling, ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kimbrell
Mrs. Allison (Turner) Kimes, ’03, and Mr. Nicholas Kimes, ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Kinder
Mr. Jonathan Kindrex, ’17
Mrs. Ashley (Bruno) King, ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Larry King
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kirkpatrick
Mr. Dunham "Doc" KissackMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klotzle
Mr. Robert Knight, ’99
Mrs. Gloria Koc and Mr. Thomas Koc, ’70
Mr. Kristopher Koelemay, ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kooser
Ms. Anne Kootz
Mrs. Sarah Kouliavtsev and Dr. Misha Kouliavtsev, ’98
Dr. Robert Kraphohl
Mr. Peter Krogseng
Mr. Brian Krug, ’98
Ms. Julie Kulak
Mr. and Mrs. Normand La Croix
Ms. Taunia LaCroix
Ms. Marie LaCroix
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ladusau
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Laing
Mrs. Edna (Hanson) Laman, ’59
Mrs. Lori (Carter) Laman, ’99, and Mr. O. J. Laman
Mrs. Retha (Wyatt) Lamb, ’66, and Mr. E. F. "Son" Lamb
Mr. Dalton Lamons, ‘18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lamoureux
Ms. Linda Lampinen
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lara
Mrs. Mary Lassiter and Mr. William Lassiter, ’02
Ms. Mary Latham
Mrs. Emily (Turner) Laurel, ’67, and Mr. Robert Laurel
Ms. Crystal Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lawson
Mrs. Haley (Skinner) Layton, ’07
Mrs. Rexanna (Smart) Lea, ’00, and Mr. George Lea III, ’00
Mrs. Burnis Leavens
Mr. Jason A. Lee, ’12
Legendary Supplements, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. John Lemke
Mrs. Martha (Moody) Lewallen, ’76, and Mr. Ronald Lewallen, ’74
Mrs. Caroline Lewis and Mr. Stephen Lewis, ’00
Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Lien
Lillard Melton Joint Venture, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Linson
Ms. Cheryl Linzay
Mr. and Mrs. Royce LoBianco, Sr.
Mrs. Emily Lockard and Mr. Phillip Lockard, ’62   Mr. Jack Lofton, ’04
Mrs. Teresa Loggains and Mr. Gary Loggains, ’73
Dr. Adam Long, ’06
Dr. and Mrs. William Long
Mrs. Mary Lonsdale and Mr. Jim Lonsdale, ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lopez
Mr. Mark Love
Mr. David Lovelace, ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowrance
Ms. Julie Lozano
Dr. and Mrs. Rex Luttrell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mabry
Mr. and Mrs. James MacDonald
Mr. Noel Mace, ’93
Mr. McKenzie Macy, ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Maddox
Mrs. Emily (Roberts) Malin, ’93, and Mr. Steve Malin
Mr. Scotty Manley, ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Manning
Mrs. Jamie Manning and Mr. Joshua Manning, ’06
Mr. Matthew Marconi, ’16
Mrs. Kathleen Markey and Mr. John Markey, ’67
Ms. Christina Marquez
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Marquez
Dr. James Martell de la Torre
Mrs. Aimee (Dunnavant) Martin, ’01, and Mr. Jake Martin
Ms. Betty Martin
Ms. Glenda Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. James Matheney, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andre' Mathews
Mrs. Sharon (Lawrence) Maune, ’75, and Mr. Arthur Maune, ’75
Ms. Judy Mayfield
Mazzio's Pizza, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McAuliffe
Mr. Jeff McBride
Ms. Patricia McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. Chad McClure
Dr. Ed McColgan
The Reverend Betty McCollum and Dr. James McCollum
Mr. Jagger McCrary, ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy McCrary
Mr. and Mrs. Gary McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Randy McDoniel
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McDoniel
Dr. and Mr. James McGarrity
Dr. and Mrs. Lance McGraw
Ms. Kelsey McGuirk, ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McNab
Dr. and Mrs. Alan McNamee
Mr. Hunter McQueen, ’15
Mrs. Shanna (Stringer) McQueen, ’09, and Mr. Michael McQueen, Jr. ’10
Mrs. Katherine McSpadden, ’17
Mr. and Mrs. James McSwain
Mrs. Dorothy McWeeny, ’62
Mr. Daniel McWilliam
Med Aesthetics, Batesville, AR
Ms. Sonia Mendiola
Mrs. Joyce (Shillcutt) Merritt, ’53, and Mr. Robert Merritt
Mr. Andrew Michel, ’99
Ms. Lynne Mickelson
Migliore Gourmet Foods, Riverside, CA
Mr. James Milburn, ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Milholland
Mrs. Peggy Miller, ’68, and Mr. Keith Miller
Ms. Brenda Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mills
Ms. Lauren Mills, ’13
Ms. Susan Mills
Mr. and Mrs. John Minor
Ms. Paula Mitchusson
Mrs. Gina Mohlke and Mr. Gregory Mohlke, ’87
Ms. Kaley Moore, ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore
Ms. Marilyn Moore
Mrs. Dianne Moore and Mr. Randal Moore, ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Moore
Mr. Stephen Moore, ’05
Mr. Stephen Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moore
Ms. Donna Morey
Mr. Charles Morris, ’76
Mrs. Theresa Morris
Mr. James Morrison, ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morrison
Mr. Ryan Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Moser
Ms. Ashley Mott, ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mowery, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Murfin
Ms. Jacki Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Murrell
Mr. Andrew Nadzam, ’10
Ms. Heather Nagy
Natalie's, Batesville, AR
Mr. John Naylor
Mr. Samuel Neal, ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nechay
The Reverend and Mrs. Richard Neelly
Mrs. Cathy Demko and Mr. Ramon Nelson, ’56
Ms. Denise Nemec, ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Newman
Mrs. Valarie (Wylie) Nichols, ’05, and Mr. Matt Nichols
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Niece
Mrs. Amanda (Ratcliff) Nikkel, ’97, and Mr. Bradley Nikkel, ’96
Mr. Thomas Nixon, ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nolan
Mrs. Margaret Hance, ’13, and Mr. Andrew Nolley, ’14
Ms. Norma Norman
The Reverend Mary Jane (Pierce) Norton, ’72, and Mr. David Norton
Mr. Joseph Nottingham, ’07
Ms. Somer O'Halloran
Mr. Sean O'Toole, ’13
Dr. Cassia Oliveira and Dr. Ehsan Shakiba
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Oliver
Olsen Sprinkler and Landscape, Inc., Conway, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Danial Olson
Mrs. Mary (Morris) Olson, ’76, and Mr. Michael Olson
Mr. Orin Orlopp, ’16
Mrs. Cathy (Bland) Orr, ’03, and Mr. Andrew Orr, ’03
Mr. Martin Orr
MSgt. and Mrs. Billy Ouber
Ms. Alexa Overton, ’17
Mr. Brant Owens, ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Devin Owens
Mr. Erick Oyemaja, ’12
Ozark Classic Crafts Mall, Hardy, AR
P & P Trailer Sales, Rose City, TX
Paladino Painting Co., LLC, Morrilton, AR
Mr. Nicholas Palese
Mrs. Brandi (Kroll) Palmer, ’12, and Mr. Joshua Palmer, ’13
Ms. Linda Parfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Parker
Ms. Megan Parks, ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Patton
Mr. Samuel Patton
Mrs. Jennifer (Walls) Payton, ’98, and Mr. Brian Payton
Mr. Mike Peak
Mrs. Trula Pectol, ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pender
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pendergist
Mr. Adam Penman, ’08
Mrs. Betty PerkeyMrs. Ruby Pfitzner and Mr. Edward Pfitzner II, ’79
Mrs. Allison Phelps and Mr. Kyle Phelps, ’14
Mrs. Lorita (Wren) Philips, ’89, and Mr. Chip Philips
Mrs. Marjorie (Keeney) Phillips, ’77
Mrs. Katherine (Fennig) Phippin, ’98, and Mr. Aric Phippin
Ms. Jeanette Piker, ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pitts
Mrs. Mary (Jones) Platt, ’93, and Mr. David Platt
Mrs. Laraine Platt and Mr. Rickey Platt, ’74
Ms. Sonya Platt, ’92
Mrs. Marie Polk and Mr. Douglas Polk, ’77
Mrs. Kay Hermansen-Pool and Mr. Joe Pool, ’75
Mr. Jeremy Porter
Mr. and Mrs. George Pouliot
Mrs. Kristin (Kimball) Powell, ’94, and Dr. Jay Powell, ’94
Mr. Stanley Powell
Mrs. Corinne (McEntire) Power, ’91, and Mr. Mark Power
Mrs. Heather (Magouyrk) Pratt, ’98, and Mr. Joseph Pratt
Presbyterian Church of Bull Shoals, Bull Shoals, AR
Presbyterian Women, Hot Springs Village, AR
Mrs. Amanda (Weaver) Preuss, ’01, and Mr. Kelsey Preuss, ’01
Mr. McArthur Primm
Mr. John Pruett
Mrs. Madeline (Roberts) Pyle, ’15, and Mr. Nathaniel Pyle, ’10
Quality Block & Supply, Inc., Seffner, FL
Quality Precast Co., Brandon, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Qualls
Mrs. Casey (Jackson) Quattlebaum,’97, and Mr. Patrick Quattlebaum, ’99
Dr. Emilie (Brady) Ralston, ’03, and Mr. Jason Ralston
Ms. Melinda Ramirez
Mr. Donald Ray
Mrs. Judy Reddick
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Redpath
Mr. and Mrs. William Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Reeves
Ms. Jean Reeves
Mr. August Reichenbach, Jr., ’90
Mr. Robert Restivo, ’71
Ms. LaTanza Revis Hamlett
Ms. Maria Reyes
Ms. Kathy Rezza
Mrs. Stacey Rhoades
Ms. Christine Rhoney
Mr. and Mrs. James Rice
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Richards
Mrs. Melissa (Bristow) Richardson, ’98, and Mr. Kris Richardson, ’98
Mr. Ronald Richardson
Mrs. Jennifer (Richardson) Barnes, ’99, and Mr. James Barnes
Mr. John Richey and the Late Mrs. Joyce (Reaves) Richey, ’64  
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Richter
Mrs. Tommie (Ricker) Cotton, ’15, and Mr. Rob Cotton
Ms. Jessica Riedmueller, ’04
Ms. Robbi Riggs, ’16
Mrs. Kathryn Rinehart and Dr. Douglas Rinehart, ’08
Ms. Danielle Rinke, ’05
Dr. Helen Robbins
Mrs. Rosemary Robertson and the Late Mr. Lavaughn Robertson, ’64   
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Robin
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Robinson
Ms. Kellee Robinson, ’17
Mrs. Frances (Bradford-Burks) Rodgers, ’57, and Mr. Lloyd Rodgers
Ms. Kristina Rodgers
Mrs. Virginia Rodgers and the Late Mr. Joe Rodgers, ’58   
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Roettger
Ms. Betty Roetzel
Mrs. Jennifer (Engles) Rogers, ’65, and Mr. Frank Rogers
Ms. Cheryl Rollans
Ms. Kayla Rollans
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rollans
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romeo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Romero
Mr. Dustin Ross, ’10
Mrs. Catie (Sayre) Ross, ’09, and Mr. John Ross, ’04
Dr. Julia Roulier and Dr. Scott Roulier
Mr. Robert Rowley, ’07
Mr. Tristan Rudd, ’04
Mr. and Mrs. James Rundel
Ms. Kay Rush
Ms. Edith Russek
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Russek
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Russell
Mr. Shane Russell, ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Rutherford
Mrs. Amy (Burns) Ryan, ’97, and Mr. Robert Ryan
Ms. Maranda Rysdam, ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sablick
Mrs. Brenda Sample, ’06, and Mr. Scott Sample
Mr. Elliott Sampley, ’96
Mrs. Makayla (Edwards) Sampson, ’91, and Mr. Charles Sampson, ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanders
Mrs. Julie (Billingsly) Sandy, ’07
Mr. Andy Sauceda
Sav-On Pharmacy, LLC, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Marlene Sawyer, ’90, and Mr. Jim Sawyer
Dr. Mark Scanlan, ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schatzley
Mrs. Patricia (Kruger) Scheffler, ’62, and Mr. Harvey Scheffler
Mr. Zebulon Schichtl, ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Schone
Schone's Chiropractic Clinic, Inc., Reynoldsburt, OH
Ms. Nina Schulz
Mr. Michael Scroggins, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Senor
Mr. Mickey Sepanek, ’13
Mr. Richard Serna
Mrs. Elaine (Solida) Severs, ’84, and Mr. Michael Severs
The Reverend Amy Seymour-Haney, ’93, and Dr. Jeff Haney
Mrs. Rosalie (Worsham) Shahan, ’07, and Mr. Justin Shahan, ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Shaw
Mr. Scott Shelby, ’03
Mrs. Sarah (Lodge) Shetron, ’98, and Mr. David Shetron
Ms. Yvonne Shipp
Mr. Grant Shirey, ’16
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Showalter
Ms. Gayle Silberhorn
Mrs. Alice Simmons
Ms. Amber Simpson, ’12
Mrs. Jeanne (Forkner) Simpson, ’87, and Mr. Mike Simpson
Mrs. Debra (Neiman) Simpson, ’76, and Mr. Kenneth Simpson, ’76
Mrs. Ashley Simpson and Mr. Ray Simpson III, ’01
Mrs. Marianna (Burton) Sistrunk, ’70, and Dr. David Sistrunk
Mrs. Heather (Mize) Skinner, ’05, and Mr. Harold Skinner, ’06
Mrs. Patty Slider and the Reverend Richard Slider, ’67
Mr. Kenneth Slifer, Jr., ’00
Dr. and Mrs. John Sloan
Mr. Adam Smith, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smith
Ms. Daina Smith
Ms. Deborah Smith, ’72
Mrs. Karen (Holder) Smith, ’91, and Mr. Billy Smith
Ms. Minnie Smith, ’13
Mrs. Renee (Jeffery) Smith, ’79, and Mr. Danny Smith
Mrs. Carol Smith and Mr. Stuart Smith, ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith
Mr. William Smith
Smith School Portraits, Jonesboro, AR
Sodexo Dining Services, Madison, MS
Mr. and Mrs. David Sonnier
Ms. Jan Southard
Mr. Steven Southerland, ’95
Southern Bank, Poplar Bluff, MO
Mr. Paul Spalitta
Mr. Eugene Sparling, Jr.
Ms. Laura Spell, ’17
Mrs. Alisa (Hook) Spence, ’93, and Mr. Gregory Spence
Ms. Mirranda Sprayberry
Ms. Emily Sprick
Mr. Michael Springer, ’74
Mr. James Sproles
Mr. Steven Stain
Mrs. Diane (Zimmerman) Staph, ’66
Mrs. Melanie (Grawl) Stapleton, ’06, and Mr. Paul Stapleton, ’07
Mrs. Pat Starks and Mr. John Starks, ’72
Mr. William Staton, ’17
Mr. Murray Stauffer, ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stegall
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stepanek
Ms. Ann Stephens, ’65
Ms. Pam Stephens
Mrs. Jack Stephens
Ms. Ann (Smith) Stephenson, ’78
Mr. James Stevens, ’76
Mrs. Barbara Stevenson
Mrs. Andrea (Jeffrey) Steward, ’89, and Mr. Martin Steward, ’86
Ms. Sherri Stewart
Mr. Charles Stice, ’12
Ms. Dara Stine, ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stobaugh
Mrs. Jenny Stokes and Dr. Timothy Stokes, ’92
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Stover
Mr. Scott Stricker, ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Strout
Ms. Shirley Stuckey
Mr. Clentis Sturch
Mrs. Margaret Sturch
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sullivan
Dr. Jaeyun Sung
Mr. R. L. Sutherland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sutherland
Ms. Peggy Sutherlin
Ms. Edie Sutterfield, ’98
Mrs. Catherine (Long) Swafford, ’59, and Mr. Byron Swafford Sr., ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Swaim
Col. and Mrs. Barry Swain
The Reverend Dr. Walter Swetnam, ’58
Mr. and Mrs. William Swink
Dr. Radek Szulga
Mr. Michael Tackett
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Tackett
Tammy Hurley's Salon, Batesville, AR
Mr. Eddie Tarbet
Mr. J. T. Tarpley, ’10
Dr. Sarah (Burrow) Tate, ’97, and Dr. Christopher Tate, ’95
Mr. Roger Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Scotty Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Taylor
Mr. Donald Taylor, ’01
Ms. Erin Taylor
Dr. W. T. Taylor
Ms. Ariel Teague, ’14
Mrs. Stacy Tebbetts and Mr. Gregory Tebbetts, ’96
Ted's Marine & Sporting Goods, Inc., Colt, AR
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Tenace
Mr. and Mrs. James Tennyson
Ms. Whitney Tevebaugh, ’05
Mr. Marvin Thaxton
The Estates at Grand Prarie, Grand Prarie, TX
Mr. Benjamin Thielemier, ’07
Mr. Joey Thomas, ’93
Ms. Leslie Thomas
Mr. Michael Thomas, ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Cody Thomas
Mr. Tommy Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John Thrasher, Jr.
Ms. Lisa Timmerman
Dr. Jason Timmons, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Tindall
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Todd
Mr. Jerome Tognarine
Toma Electronics, Napa, CA
Ms. Cara Tomlinson, ’16
Mrs. Surennah (Werley) Toon, ’05, and Mr. Hilary Toon
Ms. Miranda (Lancaster) Traw, ’05
Mrs. Lynne (Martin) Treat, ’03, and Mr. Christopher Treat, ’04
Trinity Lighting, Jonesboro, AR
Trinity Presbyterian Church, McKinney, TX
Tripp Supply, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. Mark Trizzino
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tucker
Mrs. Betsy (Shaw) Tucker, ’78, and Mr. Thomas Tucker, ’84
Ms. Diana Turnbo, ’13
Mrs. Barbara (Buford) Turner, ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Turner
Ty-De Services, Inc., Pleasant Plains, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Tyler
U.S. Pizza Company, Batesville, AR
Mr. Michael Uchtman, ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Unverricht
Mr. Khristan Uran, ‘18
Utah Medical Products, Inc., Midvale, UT
Mr. and Mrs. Rayvon Vailes
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Valdez
Ms. Jeannette Valdez
Mr. Tony Valdez
Mrs. Talli (Powers) Vance, ’04, and Dr. Dustin Vance, ’03
VanWinkle Sports, Batesville, AR
Mrs. Elizabeth (Ashley) Vasquez, '92, and Mr. Miguel Vasquez
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Viar
Village Vet Care, Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vincent
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Vogeley
Ms. Carol Voorhies
Mrs. Janice (Williams) Waggoner, ’99, and Mr. Jace Waggoner
Mr. and Mrs. James Walker
Mr. Steven Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Wallace
Mrs. Ariel (Maddox) Ward, ’05, and Mr. Chris Ward
Ms. Beth Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Warner
Mrs. Alex (Jones) Watkins, ’09, and Mr. Christopher Watkins, ’06
Ms. Dana Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Watson
Mr. Morris Watson, Jr.
Mrs. Holly (Claxton) Watts, ’04
Mrs. Lindsey Way and Mr. Philip Way, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Waymack
Mr. Christopher Weaver, ’94
Mrs. Nancy (Cook) Weaver, ’78
Ms. Betty Webb
Weight Loss Solutions, Oxnard, CA
Mr. Jim Weis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Travis West
Mrs. Elizabeth (White) West, ’10
Mr. M. T. West
Mr. and Mrs. Tilden West
Mr. Nicholas Westcott, ’16
Ms. Nina Westmoreland
Mr. and Mrs. David White
Mr. Jerry White, ’07
White River Distributors, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. Colby Whitlow, ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Widders
Dr. Irosha Nawarathne and Dr. Tharanga Wijetunge
Mr. Andrew Willett
Mr. Gerald Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Williams
Mrs. Markeita Williams, ’16, and Mr. Aaron Williams
Mr. John Wilson, ’06
Mr. Michael Wilson, ’11
Mr. Nathan Wilson, ’17
Mr. Paul Wilson
Wilson Wil-Sav Pharmacy, Inc., Batesville, AR
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Winstead
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Winters
Mrs. Alice Witterman
Mr. Caesar Wood
Mr. and Mrs. George Wood
Mr. Matthew Wood
Ms. Hope Woods, ’17
Mrs. Julie (Queen) Woodward, ’14, and Mr. Jeremy Woodward, ’97
Ms. Nancy Woody
Ms. Keeley Wooten, ’17
Ms. Phyllis Wooten
Mr. Benjamin Worlow, ’15
Mrs. Carole (Frizzell) Worthington,’67, and Dr. Cary Worthington, ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wright
Ms. Konztance Wright, ’14
Mr. Stanley Wright
Ms. Jeanette Youngblood
Ms. Katherine Zachry
Ms. Sylvia Zavala, ’16
Mrs. Laura Zellmer and Mr. Jason Zellmer, ’03
Ms. Juanita Zomant


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