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French Club

French Club

Purpose: The French Club prides itself on being one of the most vibrant and active clubs at Lyon! Every year it holds at least two parties, or fêtes. These events include a mardi gras in February and a masquerade called Le Bal masqué around Halloween. When it's not celebrating French culture with food and dancing, the club explores the French and francophone world with dedication.

In this club, you will explore various aspects of French and franchophone cultures, cook delicious French and francophone food, and chat in French with classmates, professors, and exchange students. As a member of the club, you'll also receive first rate seats to Lyon's European Film Cycle! To participate, please contact the French Club through our email.

Allez! C'est parti!

Contact: frenchclub@lyon.edu

Advisor: Dr. James Martell, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
Email: james.martell@lyon.edu