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In order to become a good citizen of our changing world, one has to be open to the differences of others, and there is no better way to do this than by learning another language and engaging with the different cultures that speak it. The French major and minor at Lyon give students the opportunity to learn the language while at the same time learning about the cultures that have shaped it.

With our program, French majors and minors are prepared for graduate school, teaching, and for a range of professions in different areas, both in the US and abroad, that benefit from the knowledge of French and francophone cultures.

The French Major

Students need a minimum of 31 credits beyond the 100-level to finish the major. As many as 6 of these credits can be taken during a summer abroad in France or a French-speaking country and as many as 15 credits can be taken during a semester abroad.

The French Minor

Students are able to obtain a minor in French by taking Beginning French I and II, Intermediate French I and II, and two three-credit advanced French electives. A student whose placement test results have exempted him or her from one or more of these courses is required to take only the remaining courses required for the minor.

In addition, the French section of the Division of Languages and Literature prides itself on its French Club and on running the European Film Cycle, which shows a dozen European films each semester and features presentations and discussions after the film. 


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