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Fellows Curriculum

The mission of the Honors Fellows Program is to foster critical and creative thought through curricular and co-curricular experiences such as the contracts, capstone, Fellows Salons, and Fellows Points that are outlined below. The Honors Fellows Program broadens students’ worldviews, facilitates the practice of interdisciplinarity, deepens students’ engagement with their major studies, and develops students’ problem-solving skills through their design and completion of independent work.


Honors Fellows Handbook


Past Honors Fellows Handbooks are available below.



A "contract" refers to a kind of negotiation between professor, Fellow, and the Honors Fellows director in which the Fellow pursues value-added work in order to both fulfill Honors Fellows Program requirements and receive regular credit for his or her major(s). 

Fellows select two courses at the 300- or 400-level in their intended major to fulfill a contract. The nature of the contract varies according to the professor and the content of the course. 

Contract Proposal Form

Contract Grant Application Form

Contract Profiles



The Fellows capstone is a creative project or research project developed in an interdisciplinary setting. Fellows may choose which direction they wish to pursue.

A creative project requires Fellows to engage their discipline with new approaches not yet explored in the conventional classroom. For example, a biology major might create a field guide for his or her campus's hiking trail, or an English major might devise a Gulliver's Travels board game for schoolchildren. 

A research project requires Fellows to conduct research appropriate to their field of study and write a paper about the research’s results. The expected scope and length of the research project will vary by discipline.

Whether Fellows choose a creative project or a research project, the capstone allows them to think beyond mastery of discipline to translate their disciplinary knowledge to wider publics. 


Fellows Points

Fellows Points, outlined in the Handbook, foster well-rounded thinkers and encourage a breadth of academic and co-curricular experiences, especially double-majoring, study abroad, and foreign language study. Honors Fellows must complete 10 Fellows points; they are encouraged to formulate a timetable to completion with the Fellows director. 

Find more detailed information about Fellows points and distribution.


Fellows Salon

The Fellows Salon is a student-driven forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Taking its name from the spaces of the French Enlightenment, the Fellows Salon offers Fellows an opportunity to share and learn together. Fellows might present on their research to rehearse for off-campus conferences, on extra-curricular interests such as hobbies, and so forth.  

Salon Proposal Form



Fellows Graduation Plan

Fellows must complete the HFP Graduation Plan form and submit it to the HFP director no later than January 15th of the spring term in which they plan to graduate. Forms must be emailed as PDF attachments to the director. Timely completion of the form will help ensure that Fellows carry the appropriate honors at commencement. When using the form, Fellows should use the "Fill & Sign" function in Adobe to type in responses rather than writing them by hand.

HFP Graduation Plan Form