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Emergency Management

Emergency Situations

Weather Warnings and Shelter Locations (PDF)

Weather Related Emergency (PDF)

Earthquake Procedure (PDF)

Missing Student Policy (PDF)

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Locations (PDF)

Fire Safety (PDF)


Severe Weather Shelter Space

Below are the designated shelter spaces on our campus in the case of severe weather

  • Apartment Row: Residents of Barton and Brown are to seek shelter in the downstairs hallways and their bathrooms.
  • Blandford Hall, Bryan Hall, and Love Hall, Wilson Hall, Whiteside Hall: Residents are to move to the lower level hallways and lowest level of the stairwells.
  • Spragins Hall: Residents are to go to the lower level hallway.
  • McRae Hall, Wilson & Rogers Hall and Hoke-McCain Hall: All residents are to move to the ground floor hallways and bathrooms.
  • Sturbridge: Residents are to move to bathrooms and closets away from windows.
  • Campus houses: Students are to move to bathrooms and closets away from windows.
  • Alphin Building: Kresge Gallery, first floor hallways and bathrooms.
  • Brown Fine Arts Building: Move into interior offices at the back of the chapel, first floor bathrooms (front foyer), ladies’ restroom (back hallway), and the Bevens kitchen.
  • Holloway Theater: Move out of windowed areas into interior hallways.
  • Lyon Building: Move out of classrooms and offices and into the first floor hallways and restrooms. Stay away from windows and the central rotunda.
  • Mabee-Simpson Library: Move to mail room and Media Center, or lower hallways away from the front doors.
  • Derby Science Center: Move to basement level in Derby 16, interior hallway, storage rooms, or bathrooms.
  • Admissions Building: Move to interior hallway, interior closets, and interior bathrooms.
  • Baseball/Wrestling/Football Facilities: Move to bottom floor interior closets and bathrooms.
  • Becknell Gymnasium: Move to lower level office spaces, dressing rooms and bathrooms.
  • Maintenance Building: Move into restrooms and interior hall.
  • MAC: Move into the hallway between the inside offices and lounge area.
  • Scottish Heritage/The Temp: Move to hallway and bathrooms on the interior of the building.
  • Nichols Administration Building: Move to bathrooms, dark room, vault, and closets.
  • Edwards Commons Building: Move to lower level bathrooms, Maxfield or lower level offices with no windows. Stay away from glass and window areas.




Weather Related Emergency Policy

Lyon College

Weather Related Emergency Policy


Cancellation of classes, delay of opening of school, or closure of College offices.


The Weather-Related Emergency Policy will be put into effect in the event that any weather-related emergency or other external circumstance – for example, a major winter storm, flood, or prolonged area power outage necessitates the cancellation of classes, a delay in the opening of school, or the closure of College offices.  Experience suggests that these circumstances occur very rarely.

Any decision to cancel classes, delay the opening of school, or close College offices in the wake of a weather-related emergency will be taken by the Vice President for Student Life.  The Vice President for Student Life, in consultation with the Director of Campus Safety and/or the Director of Physical Plant, will be responsible for assembling any information on external or internal circumstances – for example, the condition of area roads – that are necessary to make an informed decision.

Whenever possible, decisions necessitated by inclement weather will be made as early as possible, generally no later than 6:30 a.m. the day of the concern.  This decision will be communicated to the following broadcast outlets through the use of the College’s emergency notification system: 



KAIT-TV, Jonesboro (Channel 2 on Batesville Cable)

KTHV-TV, Little Rock (Channel 11 on Batesville Cable)

KATV-TV, Little Rock (Channel 7 on Batesville Cable)

KARK-TV, Little Rock (Channel 4 on Batesville Cable)

Local Cable Channel 6 (Suddenlink)


AM Radio

KAAB-AM, Batesville (1130 AM)

KBTA- AM, Batesville (1340 AM)


FM Radio

KBTA/SKY- FM, Batesville (99.5 FM)

KFFB-FM, Fairfield Bay (106.1 FM)

KIYS-FM, Jonesboro (101.9 FM)

KWOZ-FM, Batesville (103.3 FM)

KZLE-FM, Batesville (93.1 FM)


Employees and students are requested to tune in to these broadcast outlets for information about the possible cancellation of classes or closure of school.  Please do not call the College switchboard with inquires about school closings.

Also, in the event of a weather related emergency, College officials will notify the College community of the cancellation of classes, delay of opening of school, or closure of College offices through the use of the College’s emergency notification system.  Students, faculty, staff, and other concerned parties will receive an e-mail message and/or a text message on their cellular phone notifying them of the situation.


In the event that the College remains open but adverse weather conditions seriously disrupt area roads:

  1. Non-residential students who feel that they cannot get to school safely should inform the Student Life Office (307-7314) or the Provost’s office (307-7202).


  1. Employees who feel that they cannot get to work safely should inform their supervisors or department heads.  Under Lyon’s personnel policies, any employee who does not get to work because of adverse weather conditions must take the day or hours as personal or vacation time.