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Teaching Internships

There are three specific transition points in the internship process Lyon’s teacher education program - Pre-Admission, Admission to Internship, and Exit from Program.

Transition One: Pre-Admission

Students wishing to begin the junior-level practicum sequence must provide documentation of a 2.75 cumulative GPA from Lyon or a transfer institution prior to enrolling in Practicum I. Students who do not have the requisite GPA must get permission from the instructor and the Director of Teacher Education in order to enroll in a practicum course. Practicum students should declare a major or concentration in Education upon enrolling in Practicum I.

Transition Two: Admission to Internship

Candidates for the student teaching internship must apply for admission during the semester immediately preceding the proposed placement. Candidates will be required to submit evidence of their preparedness for the internship and to sit for an interview with members of LATEC (Liberal Arts Teacher Education Committee) following submission of the required documentation.

The following materials must be submitted electronically prior to the interview for admission:

  • Candidate Information Form
  • Names and email addresses of at least three references, one of whom must be the major advisor or another faculty member in the major discipline
  • Lyon transcript documenting at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Exam scores in reading, writing, and math that meet or exceed the minimum required score for each area (see table below)
  • Philosophy of education statement or a typed statement explaining why you want to be a teacher
  • Two graded observation evaluations from Practicum I and II


Test or Section

Minimum Required Score

Praxis Core Reading  162
Praxis Core Mathematics 156
Praxis Core Writing 162
ACT Reading 22
ACT Math 22
ACT  Writing 6
SAT Reading 540
SAT  Math 530
SAT Essay Writing dimension 5

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be admitted to the student teaching internship if they do not meet the cumulative GPA requirement of 2.75 or higher. Transferred credits will not be included in the GPA calculation for admission to internship. Students who do not meet the GPA or exam score requirements may submit a written request to the Director of Teacher Education for reconsideration of admission upon
meeting the requirements.

Transition Three: Exit from the Program/Internship Portfolio

Students maintain a digital portfolio documenting their progress in the program beginning with EDU 202. The completed portfolio is submitted in the last semester of the senior year for review and final grading. The portfolio must be submitted electronically and must include a capstone narrative and selected artifacts from the education coursework. Candidates are provided with a
checklist and rubric to aid them in preparing their portfolios for submission. All digital portfolios will be archived by Lyon in an electronic format. More information about the portfolio can be found in the Lyon College Teacher Education Handbook.

Students who meet these criteria and are in good standing will have completed the Liberal Arts Teacher Education Program, and the Arkansas Department of Education will recommend them for licensure. Candidates should be aware that the Arkansas Department of Education has access to and must consider any background check reflecting a conviction (pleading guilty or no contest or being found guilty by a jury or judge) for any offense listed in AR Code Ann. 6-17-410 as well as any felony involving physical or sexual injury, mistreatment, or abuse against another, including records that have been expunged, sealed, or subject to a pardon. The discovery of a record of conviction for any felony/ non-felony offense could result in the applicant being ineligible for an Arkansas educator’s license. For any questions about this, please call the ADE legal office at 501.682.4227.