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Challenge Course

Highland Adventure Challenge Course

Course Information

LEAP’s Highland Adventure Course serves student groups, campus organizations, departmental and office staff groups, sports teams, work teams, and other organizations in the Lyon College and surrounding community. Our course is designed to develop team building, communication, problem solving, self-confidence, and other benefits through experiential education.

Our challenge course consists of 17 low elements, which are cabled and wooden structures approximately 1-10 feet from the ground. The HACC also has 4 high elements, which can elevate participants to heights of over 30 feet on trees, poles, cables, and platforms. All structures are maintained and inspected regularly and facilitated by qualified staff. The LEAP program strives to be compliant with Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) international standards. The HACC is FREE for any Lyon College student/staff/faculty-based program. There is a small cost for all non-Lyon community members.


Available Elements

Low Elements: Spider's Web, Wild Woozy, Tension Traverse, Log Jam, Team Wall, A-frames, Queen's Finger, Swinging Log, Tire Swing, Porthole, Nitro Crossing, Islands, Whale Watch, Tee Pee Shuffle, Mohawk Walk, Tarzan & Jane Vines, Trust Fall

High Elements: Zip-Line, Giant Swing, Crate Stacking, Team Ladder


Below are our most common program arrangements, but LEAP is willing to work within whatever time constraints you have (whether it’s one hour or a full day) and will work with you to determine the best program for your group and goals to deliver the best hands-on adventure learning experience possible. All prices are for the non-Lyon community. Programs start with a base price that includes 12 people and goes up per person after.


Half Day Teambuilding and Low Rope Elements (2-4 hours): The agenda will include team building initiatives and low element challenges.

Price: $150 minimum + $10 per person


Half Day Teambuilding and High Rope Elements (2-4 hours): The agenda will include team building initiatives and 1 or 2 high rope elements.

Price: $175 minimum + $12 per person


Full Day Teambuilding and Low and High Elements (5-7 hours): The agenda will include starting off with team building initiatives, moving to the low rope elements and finishing with 1 or 2 high rope elements. There will be built in time for a lunch break (lunches not included).

Price: $300 minimum + $15 per person

Make a Reservation

If you are interested in more information about our challenge course or would like to set up a time to use the challenge course please fill out our Challenge Course Reservation Form and we will get back to you with more details concerning your program request as soon as possible.


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