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Career Development Resources

Career Development Resources for Students

Lyon College offers its students a wide range of career development support and services. Begin your journey to the career path of your choice by utilizing some of the career development resources below. 

Interest Exploration

Find self-assessment tools to utilize personality strengths and determine potential career paths.

Resume Skills

Get started on your personal "marketing" materials by creating a resume that accurately presents your skill set and experience to a potential employer.

Interview Skills

Practice and perfect job interview strategies and skills with a live, online interview simulator.

Graduate School

Find the information you need to identify, apply to and be accepted to the graduate studies program that best fits your educational and professional goals.


Lyon College students are encouraged to explore career fields and gain relevant experience through internships.


Create your own professional network to open educational and professional opportunities both during college and after graduation.

Online Networking

Continue career-focused networking online, and digitally connect with leading professionals in your industry and Lyon College alumni and supporters across the country and around the world.

Job Search

Search for a variety of open jobs in industries relevant to your future career path using College Central.

Salary Calculator

Use the salary calculator to get an sense for what you could be compensated on your potential career path.