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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to obtain a parking permit?

Answer: A valid Lyon ID and the vehicles current registration.  A permit can be requested by using the online form, or in person at the Campus Safety office.

I’m injured and need to park in handicap parking. Does Campus Safety issue temporary handicap permits? 

Answer: No. We do not regulate the handicap spots because they are protected by federal law. However, students that require temporary handicap status can contact the local revenue office for assistance and apply for a permit.

I am borrowing a car while mine is getting repaired, do I need to get it registered?

Answer: No, but we offer temporary permits that are good for up to 2 weeks. They can be picked up in the Campus Safety office. The temporary permits are placed on the dash.

Can students use the fire pit whenever they want?

Answer: No, use of the fire pit must be approved and scheduled with the college. The county must also not be under a burn ban.

Can students access the mail room for packages after hours?

Answer: No, because of the process of tracking the packages, mail and packages can only be picked up during normal mail room hours.

Where is the lost and found located?

Answer: There are two locations where found items can be turned in. They are the Campus Safety office or Student Life located in Edwards Common.

I locked my keys in my vehicle, can Campus Safety help get them out?

Answer: No. This happens a lot. Unfortunately, we can no longer help students “break” into their vehicle because of liability issues, however we can call a locksmith to come assist. The locksmith does charge a fee. The Batesville Police department will sometimes assist students with locked cars, however, that is based on availability so please be understanding.

What is the speed limit on campus roads?

Answer: 20 MPH. However, in higher pedestrian areas, 15 mph is a safer speed.

What is the policy/procedure if my car is hit on campus, or if I hit someone else's car?

Answer: If your car is hit/damaged, or you hit/damage another vehicle, call the Campus Safety office immediately and we will assist you with the next steps. Being that Lyon College is private property, we will take a report for Lyon College's records, and if involved parties wants to file an official police report, we will call local police over to write an accident report for your insurances. We will also provide any security footage if applicable or needed.

I am a resident student; can I park in commuter parking?

Answer: Yes. Commuter parking is not only for commuter students, but visitors and resident students can park there too. However, commuter cannot park in resident parking.

I am a student worker; can I park in staff (blue) parking?

Answer: No. Only staff/faculty with the blue permit may park in the blue lots.

I am locked out of my room or dorm, can Campus Safety let me in?

Answer: Absolutely. We just require verifying identification with a Lyon ID. However, we cannot let a student into a dorm that is not theirs, even if the student says they have permission.