Information Services


The mission of Lyon College's Information Services (IS) Office is to provide the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to assist all areas of the College in achieving individual goals as well as achieving Lyon College's overall mission. IS provides infrastructural and support services in the areas of computing, voice and data communications, systems, mailing, printing, instructional technology and media development. IS provides the following services:

  • Providing support skills and equipment availability, facilitating the learning process at all levels with a unified goal of assisting Lyon College in maintaining its reputation as a leading institute of higher education.
  • Working with academic departments to provide beneficial and cost-effective solutions to meet their instructional technology needs.
  • Providing comprehensive and effective information services to administrative departments including support of the College's data management system.
  • Keeping up-to-date on advances in instructional and information technology with an eye toward providing knowledgeable recommendations on long-term strategy and direction.
  • Serving as an information technology and information services resource for the College community.

IS Services Description

  • Academic Services - provides support to faculty in matters related to Instructional Technology
  • Administrative Services - oversees the management of all aspects of administrative computing on the Lyon College campus, including SQL, Jenzebar, and JICS.
  • Communication Services - provides support for telephone, mail, shipping, and printing on the Lyon College campus
  • Media Services - to reserve media center equipment, please e-mail with the location, date, and time of your event, and a description of your equipment needs.
  • Network Services
  • Technical Services - responsible for the upkeep of desktop computers for faculty and staff, is responsible for maintenance of the computer lab, and directs Media Services. Please or call 870-307-7555 (7555 from a campus phone) to report report problems or request assistance.


Kay Stice

Communications Services Manager

Office located in the Mabee-Simpson Library