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Biggest Winner Contest

Join the Lyon College Office of Health and Wellness for our Biggest Winner Contest!

Use these resources to participate in the contest and become a healthier version of you.

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, and Win $1,000!



Body Mass Index Table
Guide to Behavior Change
Alcoholic Beverages Carbs, Fat Grams, and Calories
Weight Loss Chart
Fast Food Reference
Hello Healthy Nutrition 101

Food Logging

1000 Calorie Daily Food Log
1200 Calorie Daily Food Log
1500 Calorie Daily Food Log
1800 Calorie Daily Food Log
2000 Calorie Daily Food Log
2200 Calorie Daily Food Log
2500 Calorie Daily Food Log


To develop healthy eating and exercise habits to last a lifetime. 


The contest will be one semester long, from the first week of classes until the last week of classes.


The contest is open to all full-time students, excluding first semester freshmen, who meet the standard definition of overweight: BMI > 25


Participants may compete publicly or privately, at their discretion. All weights will be recorded and kept strictly confidential. 


Students are encouraged to partner with another student, faculty, or staff member for support and motivation. 

Students may enter multiple semesters. Winning one semester does not disqualify a student from subsequent contests. 

Participants must weigh in weekly at the Office of Health and Wellness on the same scale and same day each week. 

Progressive results will be posted in the Office of Health and Wellness. Students who wish their participation to be private must notify the nurse. 

The diet is to be a reduced calorie balanced diet of the participant's choice. Diet plan must be approved by LuAnn Baker

At the sole discretion of Health and Wellness Director LuAnn Baker, RN, BSN, students will be disqualified for dangerous rapid weight loss, use of chemical diet aids, or practicing unsafe eating habits.


The winner of the competition will be the student who loses the greatest percentage of body weight, and will receive $1,000 toward the next semester's cost at Lyon College.