Bailey's Pour-Off
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Bailey's Pour-Off

Bailey's Pour-Off

Bailey's Pour-Off, or Bailey Falls, is located on Grassy Creek in south Independence County, near the Jamestown Crag climbing area.

It is not a very well-known waterfall, yet it provides some of the most scenic views in northeast Arkansas. 

There is now a trail, that was built by Jamestown Crag Crew, that leads to the falls.  The route is difficult and hikers should be well prepared to cross creeks and climb over and down rocks.  You should bring water, snacks and let someone know where you are going.


Directions: The best way to get to Bailey's Pour-Off is to follow directions to Jamestown Crag climbing area and then follow the directions below. 

1. Follow this link - Directions to Jamestown Crag Road

2. You will now need to turn right off of Jamestown Loop Road and follow signs to Jamestown Crag (You can Google Jamestown Crag on Google Maps).  This will be a dirt road that ends at a gate.  Call the number on the gate to get access to the property.  Follow signs to Jamestown Crag after going through the gate.  

3. Once you get to the parking lot of the climbing area, follow signs that take you to the "dogwalk".  This is a technical down-climb involving permanent ropes that can be used for hand holds.

4. Once you get to the bottom of the dogwalk you should go to the left (following the trail).  About half a mile down the trail you will see another trail to the right that takes you to Bailey's Falls.  This is a blue blazed trail that involves at least 2 creek crossings and some rock scrambling.