The Art Major

The Art major offers a rich and diverse range of investigations across the disciplines of art practice and art history. Integrating extensive liberal arts offerings with a broad studio experience, majors will balance exploration with focus on future goals. The Art major prepares students for application to graduate school or work in an artrelated field. The Art major develops in students the necessary knowledge, technical skill and commitment to work as an artist today. Students are immersed in a creative learning environment, and encouraged to cultivate an approach to art making that is informed by traditional two- and three-dimensional art practices, experimental approaches and new digital technologies. Students are encouraged to connect their art education to the opportunities available at an excellent liberal arts college.

Majors may choose to focus on a particular area, as they work closely with faculty to prepare for graduate school, to work professionally as artists, or to pursue art-related fields. The Art curriculum develops in students the necessary knowledge, technical skill, and commitment to work as an artist today. Students develop basic skills as a foundation for artistic expression, and then experiment with non-traditional materials and practices.

At Lyon we believe art is about exploring, testing our assumptions and understanding of the past, present, and future. Students participate in regular critiques to accelerate the development of skills and ideas through interaction with faculty and peers in a critical context. The critique system creates an environment that encourages students to try new techniques, solve difficult problems, and push boundaries. Students are challenged to develop the content of their work in conjunction with technical skill. Ultimately, students will develop an artistic voice and have something to say, along with the technical skills necessary to speak.

The Art Minor

The Art minor is a body of courses designed as a second field for students interested in developing their understanding of the artistic process and their creative talents in the visual arts.

Dustyn Bork

Assistant Professor of Art

Office 225 in the Alphin Humanities Building