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Love culture? Interested in knowing more about groups of people, past and present? Anthropology is a great option! Anthropologists explore all aspects of human culture and society, past and present and across the globe. At Lyon, you can develop an individualized major or minor in anthropology. Anthropologists often specialize in one of the four main subfields: cultural, linguistic, biological, and archaeology. Nonetheless, anthropologists are broadly trained across subfields to see human culture and biology, past and present as mutually influencing.


What makes the minor unique?

Anthropology has often been called the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities. This means that anthropologists learn how to think critically and systematically while also learning how to interpret subjective phenomena. 


List of potential careers 

Did you know Microsoft is one of the world’s largest employers of anthropologists? The truth is, you will have a wide array of choices when you focus on anthropology. Many go into government, academia, business or community service organizations. Some may choose to advance to graduate school. Organizations such the American Anthropological Association and the Society for American Archaeology also offer career information.


Here's what current student Trinity Ingram has to say about here path to Anthropology and her work here at Lyon:

Towards the end of high school, I realized that I loved studying different cultures and how said cultures interact. I wanted to do this in college, but I didn't know what major would support that at all. I went on the CollegeBoard website and found that, according to classes I loved, anthropology would be the best major for me. I knew nothing about anthropology beforehand; I researched the field, along with the sub-fields, and felt amazed. I didn't realize that it was such a diverse field! I fell in love and decided that I would study anthropology for my undergraduate career. Taking my first anthropology courses as a freshman only encouraged this."


"The anthropology classes here are small and intensive, truly allowing students to understand the material. Anthropology courses are perfect for a liberal arts school, as it is truly an interdisciplinary field. I've even gained an understanding of my other courses by just being an anthropology major. It's an intimate department that's welcoming of anyone who wishes to explore the social sciences."


Lyon alumni are working in a range of exciting fields including:

Historic preservation

Urban Planning


Outdoor therapy


Alumni are also continuing their education in graduate programs such as:

Medical Anthropology at Durham University (United Kingdom)

Biological Anthropology at University of Arkansas

French at Louisiana State University

Physical Therapy and Mental Health Counseling at University of Central Arkansas