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Americans Disabilities Act

Students with disabilities affecting their academic work may receive reasonable accommodations through the Office of the Provost. Students seeking accommodations based on documented learning disabilities must contact the Provost at (870) 307-7332.

A student with a disability affecting academic performance initiates the process by submitting a written description of his/her disability and the nature of its effect on his/her academic performance to the Provost.

In order to be considered eligible for accommodations, a student must submit the following to the Office of the Provost:

  1. In the case of a physical disability, neurological disability, or emotional disability, current medical documentation provided by a licensed physician is required. Current medical documentation is that which has been provided within three calendar years of the student's date of enrollment in Lyon College.
  2. In the case of a learning disability, a current psychoeducational evaluation completed by a psychologist licensed by a state board of examiners in psychology or certified by a state department of education in psychology is required.  The psychologist must provide his/her license or certificate number in the report.  Psychoeducational evaluations completed by appropriately credentialed professionals in related disciplines (e.g., education) may be accepted as appropriate.  A current psychoeducational evaluation is one which has been completed within three calendar years of the student's date of enrollment in Lyon College.
  3. In the case of an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a current medical evaluation, and a current psychoeducational evaluation are required.

Evaluations must include a diagnostic statement of a specific disability and its effect on academic performance, and recommendations for accommodations available through the resources of Lyon College. Each semester a student must request in writing that the recommendations for accommodations be made available confidentially to his or her designated instructors. The written request should be filled with the Office of the Provost.

The Provost, who serves as the ADA/504 coordinator, will review students' evaluations and, at the request of the student, will inform instructors of appropriate accommodations.

Instructors make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in order to allow them the opportunity, consistent with their diagnostic profile, to learn course content and to subsequently demonstrate mastery of course content.