The Transfer Experience


Lyon College is one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the United States today and you have made one of the best decisions of your life by choosing to come to such a place. Lyon is a place that will allow you to grow as a person. Inside the classroom you will be challenged by professors to put forth your best work. Outside of the classroom there are many areas for students to get involved through organizations and events.

As you read this you are probably thinking, “How much did they have to pay him to write this.” I will tell you—the answer is nothing. As a transfer student myself, it is my goal to see Lyon welcome in more transfer students and to see them become successful Lyon students. It can sometimes be difficult for a transfer student because it is a lot like having to change schools when you are a little kid—you get to a place where you do not know anybody and you do not feel comfortable. Lyon is not that way. Lyon is a community of learners and teachers where people succeed everyday. A reminder to you, as a transfer student, you are supposed to be here, if you were not then you would have never been accepted.

Coming from a bigger institution, it is refreshing to be able to be called on by name in the classroom and to have professors who you have never had before know your name as you stroll across campus. On this campus it is even possible to see the President of the college out for an afternoon stroll, visiting with students. Nobody wants to be known as a number and that is one thing that sets Lyon apart is the one-on-one faculty-student relationships. Lyon College is a place that will prepare you for your future—professional, school, or career. The workload can sometimes be overwhelming, but I promise you can do this and it pays huge dividends in the end, which is apparent from our highly successful alumni.

Lyon is a place that focuses on academics, but it is also a place where students have activities outside of academia. Most transfer students fall short when it comes to getting involved outside of the classroom. Lyon has many different organizations for any type of person. Maybe you want to get involved in athletics or play intramurals. You might be a person who likes to be in the know and help make decisions that affect the campus - Student Government Association and the Honor and Social Councils might be for you. It could be fun for you to help plan events and you would fit right in with Student Activities Council. Maybe you are a political person and College Republicans or Young Democrats would be right up your ally. Do not forget Lyon’s exceptional Greek Life. Lyon is home to seven fraternities and sororities (Kappa Sigma, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Mu, Alpha Xi Delta, Chi Omicron and Alpha Psi Epsilon). The Greeks on campus are involved in service to the community, putting on different social events, having high academic standards, and having a brotherhood and sisterhood that is second to none. Transfer students can be welcomed into Greek life after they have completed 12 Lyon Credit hours—just like any other Lyon Student. With a whole host of other organizations that were not mentioned, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

As Lyon College’s President, Dr. Don Weatherman, has said many times, “Lyon is not a place for spectators.” Lyon is a campus full of doers. Faculty, staff, and students work together everyday to make this a better community. As a transfer student, I hope you will become a part of this community. Become a doer, do not be a spectator—it will change your entire college career.


Judd P. Deere ‘10

Political Science & History Major

Lyon College