Tuition and Fees

At Lyon College, we are committed to making an educational experience of the highest quality available to students. With a combination of affordable costs, extensive merit-based scholarship and financial aid programs, and first-tier academic programs, Lyon College has been regularly recognized as one of higher education’s best bargains among private, selective liberal arts colleges.

Tuition and Fees 2015-2016

Tuition  $25,040
Board and Room  $8,110
Student Activity Fee*  $240
Technology Fee  $0
Total Comprehensive Fee  $33,390

Lyon College allows, for budgeting purposes, $1000 per year each, certain education-related expenses.  These unbilled expenses are:



Together with the aforementioned direct costs of tuition, fees, and room & board, the total Cost of Attendance in 2015-2016 for a full-time campus resident is $36, 390.


Tuition Per Credit 


More than 5 credits, fewer than 12 credits  $830
5 credits or fewer  $420


Summer School Fees 2015

Tuition per credit  $425
Room per week  $110
Meal plan per week  $125

*This amount is dedicated to the Lyon College Student Government Association for allocation to student organizations.

Depending on meal plan selected, Board includes up to $175 flex-dollars to be spent at the Bistro Bar. Under certain circumstances approved by the Student Life Office, some students may be allowed to privately occupy a room. In these cases, the standard rate will be $520 for a single room and $570 for a double room.