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Admission Requirements

Lyon is a selective liberal arts institution, admitting students who demonstrate significant academic achievements and are well prepared for the rigorous curriculum of the College. We seek students of varied interests and talents, representative of many social, economic, and geographical backgrounds. Admission is not limited by age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin of the applicant. Lyon expects students to demonstrate their seriousness of purpose by participating in a college preparatory curriculum throughout their high school careers. It is highly recommended that preparatory work includes the following subjects: 

  • English (4 units): to cover grammar, composition, and literature.
  • Social Studies (3 units): to include 1 unit in American history, 1 unit in world history, and 1/2 unit in civics or American government.
  • Natural Sciences (3 units): to be selected from offerings in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Mathematics (3 units): to include Algebra I, and additional units selected from algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.
  • Foreign Language (2 units): to be selected from offerings in French, German, Spanish, or other major foreign languages

For admissions, Lyon College will holistically review each file to determine success and fit.

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Admission Counselors

Our admission team has one role and one goal: To be your advocate during your college search and to help you decide if Lyon is the right fit. They know Lyon. They know our students—and they want to get to know you.

Use this map to find your admission counselor. Come by and see them at your high school counselor's office or college fair, or contact them to arrange a campus visit.


Transfer Students  International students



Michael S. Kelley

Director of Admissions
Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7250 /


Scarlett Barnes

Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Services
Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7364 /


Andrew Powell

Admissions Counselor
International & Transfer Admissions Program Coordinator

Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7360 /


Avens Ridgeway

Admissions Counselor
Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7291 /


Dan Rutledge

Regional Director of Enrollment Services
Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7239 /


Megan Scott

Admissions Counselor
Office located in the Welcome Center
870.307.7124 /



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