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The thing that makes Lyon's history program stand out is the fact that each of the professors have their own specific area of research - but it is not uncommon to see the professors sitting in or observing each other classes, or discussing their particular classes to one another and are constantly learning new and interesting things for their classes as well. If one were to take the same class twice, it wouldn't be the same class - because each of the professors are constantly improving and implementing new and interesting ideas, thoughts, and facts - many of which are found through their many friends/colleagues in their fields. Speaking of, the professors know the people they have suggested as books for their students - people they've even possibly studied with or learned from - so this stuff is well known and is very "rich" from an academic perspective. €” Scott Campbell, '14

Alumni: What They Are Doing Now

Bill Bristow, '72  Bill is an attorney in Jonesboro.

Brooks Blevins, '92  Brooks is the Noel Boyd Professor of Ozarks Studies at Missouri State University.

Jerra Quinton Baker, '00  Jerra is the executive director of the Trail of Tears Association.

Courtney Russell, '07  Courtney is a high school special education teacher.

Monica Day Didion, '11  Monica is a law clerk at the Arkansas Municipal League.