Chemistry Current Students and Alumni

The professors really make the program great. They care about every student, and will do all they can to help the student whether that means chatting about life, working on specific concepts that are particularly challenging or talking about career options. The professors are always easy to reach and willing to help.

The program has really helped me expand my critical thinking and problem solving skills. Often in class the professor will ask questions that leave the entire class at a loss for words, and in these moments, we as students must organize the massive amount of information taught to us to search for a specific explanation. This is a skill that can and will be used in all aspects of life.

— Jonathan Dannatt,' 14

Alumni: What They Are Doing Now

Morgan Norton, ’87 — Morgan is a physician in Batesville.

Willard Chumley, ’88 — Willard is an anesthesiologist in Little Rock.

Cheryl Bryant, ’00 — Cheryl is a Pharmacist Supervisor at Walgreens.

Leticia Jones, ’01 — Leticia is an OBGYN at the Grace Clinic for Women in Little Rock.

Thomas Finnie, ’03 — Thomas is a Process Improvement Chemist at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Patrick McLaurin, '05 — Patrick is an instructor at Texas Tech University College of Arts and Sciences.

D.J. Crowell, '11 — D.J. is pursing his Ph.D. in chemistry at Georgia Tech after accepting a prestigious fellowship.