Biology Current Students and Alumni

The program has definitely defined, for me, what I really want to do. I think that it has reassured me that the pre-med path and a bachelor of science are both definitely something I want to achieve. The program has shown me that my goals are long term and it will be a rough road especially taking future chemistry classes as well as cell and microbiology, but it's something that will be so very rewarding when I accomplish it. I know that I will have plenty of help along the way. The program has taught me patience, perseverance, and determination combined with time management skills.

Dr. Schram, my adviser, has sat down with me and outlined all of the classes I need to take in order to complete my major. He has somewhat given me a look into the future and because of this I can be prepared, for classes, in the fact that I won't have any surprises in my upcoming semesters. I am simply just prepared for what is to come. As for my actual science professors themselves, they take the time out of their schedule to meet with me and students alike in order to help us better understand concepts, especially the ones we are struggling with. Having the one-on-one, face-to-face, time with my professors helps me clear up any misconceptions and keeps me on track and sometimes ahead of the game. Being prepared is the number one success factor in a major like biology.

— Ashley Ball, '14

Alumni: What They're Doing Now

Dr. Chris Beller, ’99 — Chris is a dentist at Beller Dental in Batesville.

Dr. Jon Orsborn, '01 — Jon is the Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Dr. Jessica Snodgrass Rose, '03 — Jessica is practicing emergency medicine at St. Vincent's in Little Rock.

Samantha Dale Hatfield, '04 — Samantha works at Lawrence Health Services of Walnut Ridge as its first pediatrician. In Walnut Ridge, she provides services to the Family Medical Center as well as Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Katee Castleman, '09, and Jordan Lupo Heath, '09 — Katee and Jordan recently graduated with Doctor of Medicine degrees from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Van Michael McQueen, '10 — Michael is attending UT Memphis Dental School as part of the fall 2013 class.