The Spanish Major

In a world where all fields of endeavor are becoming increasingly international and multicultural, fluency in another language and an understanding of other cultures have become keys that open a wide variety of opportunities — both personal and professional. Spanish majors at Lyon College have the opportunity to develop a facility in the use of both spoken and written Spanish and to build a knowledge of its literature and cultural heritage. The major prepares students for graduate school, teaching, or a range of professions grounded in bilingualism.

The Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor is a course of study designed as a second field for students interested in developing their fluency in Spanish and gaining the increased insights into culture and literature which result from the study of a foreign language.

Dr. Monica Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Spanish
Nichols Director

Office 210 in the Alphin Humanities Building

Dr. James Martell

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages

Office 209 in the Alphin Humanities Building

Dr. John Herda

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office 210 in the Alphin Humanities Building