English Current Students and Alumni

“When I began my freshman year at Lyon I had no idea what I wanted to major in, but after my first class in the English department, it was easy for me to realize that English is the major for me. The professors have pushed me to be my best, and I have seen my writing skills grow substantially in the one year I have been at Lyon. I actually look forward to English classes. Last semester, I was enrolled in Western Literature, and I never knew what Dr. Tebbetts had planned for each class. One class we even marched around the building yelling a name from the book we were currently reading. That's what I love about the English department. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to. I never get bored. I know the professors will challenge me, and I can already see that I will leave college prepared.” — Cara Tomlinson, ‘16

Alumni: What They're Doing Now

Tim Stokes, '92 — Tim is the president of Puget Sound Community College.

John Hornor Jacobs, '94 — John signed a six-figure publishing deal with Gollancz, a British publisher in the fantasy, science fiction and young adult genres. John also has several published novels.

Josh Baugh, '01 — Josh is a journalist for the San Antonio Express-News, where he was awarded the Enterprise Journalists of the Year with a colleague.

Ben Bristow, ’03 — Ben is an attorney in Jonesboro.

Gavin Johannsen, '08 — Gavin is an assistant to the showrunner for the CBS series Vegas.

Jessica Lange, '11 — Jessica teaches 9th grade English at Paragould High School.