Political Science Current Students and Alumni

I chose political science as my major because, although I plan to attend law school, I ultimately hope to become a lobbyist or politician and wanted a greater understanding of the political world that isn't just based on the law and it's application. I think the Political Science Program at Lyon really introduces you to the real world application of politics. Instead of just showing you the "on the surface" view of politics, you really get to see how the government works and examine some of the policies that have helped and hurt America. Lyon's program is unique in the fact that you focus on politics on a global scale and not just within our own country. Lyon is a liberal arts school and, being such, really encourages you to look at the government in other countries through classes like World Politics and Modern Russia. — Caroline McGibbony, '14

Alumni: What They Are Doing Now

Adam Penman, '08 — Adam is teaching government, model UN and AP economics at Pulaski Academy.

Judd Deere, '10 — Judd is serving as the Press Secretary and Digital Director for Sen. Mike Crapo.