Business Administration

The Business Administration Major

The Lyon College Business Administration major builds upon the foundation of the broad liberal arts education provided in the College’s Core Curriculum. The Business Administration major prepares one to understand the structure and role of organizations, administrative practices and processes, and the complex environmental context of business. The business curriculum introduces an array of concepts and theories, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques designed to prepare graduates for organizational leadership.

The Business Administration major is composed of a set of business core courses followed by courses in one of four specialized tracks of study: human resource management, international business, management, and finance. The business core courses are designed to introduce key functional concepts and skills. Each of these four major tracks provides a significant opportunity for individuals to pursue interdisciplinary inquiry in conjunction with other majors at Lyon College, or to tailor the major around particular interests.

The Business Administration major offers graduates the flexibility of choosing between entry-level managerial positions or advanced study. The major is particularly appropriate for individuals seeking advanced studies in business, law, and planning.

Dr. Frank L. Winfrey

Clark N. and Mary Perkins Barton Professor of Management

Office 333 in the Lyon Business and Economics Building

Dr. Alvin Holliman

Assistant Professor of Management