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Academic Advising

Undecided about your major; uncertain about your career? You're not alone! Significant percentages of entering Lyon students have not yet decided upon majors and career paths. Even larger percentages will change majors-one or two times. This is one of the great strengths of the liberal learning experience: it introduces you to academic fields and the career opportunities to which they lead and clarifies and creates options-all the while providing you with the intellectual foundation for the degree program that you ultimately select.

At Lyon, we take this liberal learning advantage a step farther, drawing together the strengths of our Orientation, Year One, Career Development Program, and Alumni network to enhance your opportunities for a lifetime of professional success and personal growth.

First Year Experience

Lyon College offers a developmental advising program designed to meet the needs of students as they progress through their academic career.


Year One

Freshman students are enrolled in a first-year experience course called Year One. Professors serve as academic mentors for small groups of students during their freshman year.


Spragins House

Spragins House (freshman residence halls) programming integrates Year One and the residential life experience. The resident faculty mentor, who resides in Spragins House, coordinates this integrated curricular and co-curricular programming and engages small groups of freshmen in discussions of their college experience on many an evening.


Young House

The co-curricular programming opportunities are provided to upper class students through Young House.