Virtual Tour & Campus Map

Lyon College's picturesque 136-acre campus is conveniently located in a secure and comfortable neighborhood setting. It features modern and attractive facilities such as the state-of-the-art Derby Center for Science and Mathematics, the black-box Holloway Theatre, Lyon Business and Economics Building and Edwards Commons student center and dining hall. Recreational facilities include a regulation soccer field, six lighted tennis courts, Becknell Gymnasium (which features a fitness center and an indoor swimming pool), Scots Baseball Field, the Kelley Indoor Baseball Complex, a softball field, a sand volleyball court and an intramural field. Bryan Lake, located on the southern portion of the campus, features a walking path and flowering trees.


*Download Printable Black and White Map HERE

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  1. Welcome Center
  2. Nichols Administration Building 
  3. Brown Chapel 
  4. Alphin Humanities Building
  5. Lyon Business & Economics Building 
  6. Derby Center for Science and Mathematics 
  7. Mabee-Simpson Library 
  8. Becknell Gymnasium 
  9. Holloway Theatre
  10. Edwards Commons 
  11. Spragins Hall
  12. Spragins House Faculty Mentor's Residence and Morrow Building 
  13. Love Hall
  14. Bryan Hall
  15. Blandford Hall
  16. Brown Apartments
  17. Barton Apartments
  18. Wilson and Rogers Hall
  19. McRae Hall
  20. Young House — Hoke-McCain Halls 
  21. Bradley Manor
  22. Maintenance Building 
  23. Huser Soccer Field
  24. Bryan Lake
  25. Independence Park and Scots Baseball Field
  26. Grigsby House
  27. Couch Garden
  28. The Scottish Heritage Program
  29. Athletic Administration Building/Athletics Offices
  30. Kelley Baseball Complex 
  31. Tennis Courts
  32. House Softball Field
  33. Sand/Volleyball Court
  34. The Lyon Education and Adventure Program (LEAP)
  35. Climbing Grotto
  36. Faculty House
  37. Guest House
  38. Ropes Course/Zipline

 = Automated External Defibrillator