SOAR- Student Orientation, Advising & Registration

Congratulations on choosing Lyon College! There’s no doubt that we’re a cut above the rest, providing one of the best liberal arts educations in the country. After submitting your enrollment deposit, the next step on the way to matriculating in the fall is to register for SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) this spring. You will need your student ID number and PIN to to register--they can be found in your deposit confirmation letter or you can email to retrieve them.

SOAR is required for all incoming freshmen, and the following dates remain available:

Monday, June 8 CLOSED
Friday, June 19 CLOSED
Friday, July 17 CLOSED
Monday, August 10


View a SOAR Event Schedule Here

Please submit your enrollment deposit if you haven’t already and then register for SOAR by logging in to  myLYON and filling out the registration form on the SOAR tab.

Check-in will begin at 8:15 a.m. in Edwards Commons. You will be introduced to what it means to be a part of the Scot community, meet future classmates, meet with your faculty advisor to select and pre-register for your first semester of classes, and participate in a variety of other sessions designed to facilitate your entrance to Lyon College. Parents and other guests will attend sessions intended to prepare them for your transition to college. Lunch will be provided for students and guests.

Again, SOAR is required for all incoming students, so please register as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon at SOAR!

SOAR Checklist

Before you attend Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration; we need to get a little more information from you. Take care of the following checklist, and you’ll soar through SOAR (bad pun—we know). You MUST complete this checklist no later than two weeks BEFORE your SOAR date or you will not be allowed to attend SOAR.

Stuff to do TODAY!

• Submit your deposit (if you haven’t already)
• Log in to myLYON using your ID number and PIN, then navigate to the SOAR tab and register for SOAR (you must deposit to get your ID number and PIN; if you don’t know your ID number or PIN, contact us (800-423-2542 or us and we will retrieve them for you)

Exciting forms (we may be exaggerating) to fill out at the SOAR tab on myLYON after you register

• English Placement Form
• Foreign Language Placement Test (OPTIONAL, but if you have had two years of the language in the Sophomore and Junior or Junior and Senior years or more, we encourage you to take this test to see if you may be placed above the 101 level.)
• Health Form
• Housing Form and Contract (Only fill out if you will live on campus. As a reminder, most freshman are required to live on campus unless they commute from their parents' or guardians' primary residence within 30 miles of campus.)

Stuff to bring with you on SOAR day

The make, model, and license plate number of the car you plan to have on campus (if any) for your parking permit
A copy of your shot record if you haven't already submitted one (ask your parents)