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Lyon students determine most popular forms of social media on campus

What’s the most popular form of social media among Lyon College students today? Zach Basehore, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, and students in his statistics class have the answer.

To connect the principles of statistics and survey design with a real-world question, Professor Basehore had students ask their friends about their social media usage habits.  After compiling the answers, students found that the most popular platform was Snapchat, followed by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Basehore says, “The project was an educational tool to introduce students to survey design (including the ability to pick out flaws in the design) as well as to give them practice conducting research and interpreting the findings—all with a dataset that’s relevant to themselves and their friends.”

In 2017, Basehore used a similar project at Bowling Green State University, a medium-sized state university in Ohio where he was a graduate instructor before coming to Lyon. Despite differences between the types of schools and the cultural and social make-up of the two institutions, results were the same.

Basehore notes that LinkedIn, reddit, tumblr, Google+, flickr, SoundCloud, MySpace and other social networking sites were not included in either survey project.

at Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lyon College Represented in Delta Exhibition

A Lyon College art professor and a Lyon graduate are part of this year’s annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. This is the 60th year for the event, which features artists living, working or born in Arkansas and its border states. It runs May 25-August 26 at the Arts Center.

Ian Campbell, Assistant Professor of Art at Lyon, is one of 46 artists selected to display their work, 31 of which are from Arkansas. Two of his photographs, Terra Incognita (for Nasmyth and Carpenter) and Wormhole at the Edge of the Map, will be on display. These photographs are part of an ongoing project called At The Edge Of The Known, which Campbell says “examines the human urge to explore, to see what lies beyond the horizon, to push out into the universe and expand our field of vision. Although the images look like outer space, most were made on caving expeditions with Lyon’s COBRA Grotto. This project makes connections between cave and cosmos, outer space and inner space, science and fiction.”

The photographs are “Ziatypes,” made with a hand-coated lithium/palladium-based emulsion that is similar to the historic techniques used for early photos of the cosmos. “Iencourage viewers to entertain the romantic notion that there are still new, unseen worlds
just beyond view of even our most high-tech imaging technology,” he says.

In addition, Shea Hembry, a 1996 graduate who double-majored in art and English, was one of the three members of the jury panel which selected the works to be exhibited. Hembry is known for his exhibition, “seek” and his TED talk about it, “How I Became 100 Artists,” which has been watched by more than 1.5 million viewers ( Hembry invented and then impersonated 100 different artists, all working in different styles, to create the show, which ranged from large installations to works painted with a 1-hair brush.

The photograph is one of Ian Campbell's works, Wormhole.

at Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lyon College Makes Solid Impact on Local Public Schools

Since its beginning in 1872, Lyon College has educated students who went on to teach in public schools. This year is no different, with four seniors already employed at Midland, Cave City, and Batesville and others expecting to be hired before school starts up again in the fall.

Jon Alexander, from Vilonia, will be a social studies teacher and coach at Midland High School, while Nate Ayers, a Cave City graduate, will become a high school English teacher there next fall. Becca Burrow, from Brinkley, will also become an English teacher at Batesville High School, and Khang Nguyen, who is from Batesville, will be a new social studies teacher and coach at Batesville Junior High.

They will join the long line of other outstanding area teachers who are Lyon graduates and who work in schools across the entire state and beyond. Over 100 alumni are in classrooms in just the Batesville, Cave City, and Southside school districts, with about half in Batesville and a quarter each in the other two school systems.

They cover the entire range of the public education system, from superintendent, principal, and assistant principal to academic coach, literacy coach, and classroom aide. Many are specialists, such as counselors, librarians, media specialists, and speech pathologists. They facilitate the EAST program, work with the gifted and talented, or serve as paraprofessionals in Special Ed or a computer lab. They are an athletic director or a coach, typically also teaching academic courses.

The majority are classroom teachers in fields ranging from English to math to history to biological and physical sciences. They teach kindergartners, elementary, middle school, junior high, and senior high students. They teach Special Ed and English as a Second Language.

Even before completing their degrees, Lyon’s teacher education students have worked in public schools. Nine interns this year totaled 6,101 internship hours in Batesville, Cave City, Southside, Midland, and Mammoth Spring schools. Two of those interns logged over 800 hours each.

Although Lyon is one of Arkansas’s smaller institutions of higher education, it is clearly achieving its mission to prepare students for fulfilling personal and professional lives committed to lifelong learning and service. In turn, many of those students are now committed to inspiring their own students in public schools.

at Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Theatre Program Sees Award-Winning Season

During the 2017-18 school year, Lyon College’s theatre program saw its most successful season in five years. The Region VI Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival recognized all three of the program’s productions – “The Importance of Being Earnest” for meritorious achievement in directing and in ensemble acting, “Provincetown: An Evening of One Acts” for meritorious achievement in directing, and “Proof” for meritorious achievement in overall artistic and production quality.

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival also invited the cast of “Provincetown: An Evening of One Acts” to showcase a scene at the regional festival in February at Angelo St. University in San Angelo, TX. Navy Griffin, a sophomore at Lyon, said, “All of us were terrified since it had been months since we had last done the show. We were all hoping we wouldn’t forget our lines.”

Luckily, the scene earned Navy and her castmates plenty of laughs. “We performed on a wooden stage. It was shiny, clean, and varnished. There was no traction whatsoever between my heels and the floor…I was supposed to run on stage. Instead, I slid in. I should have broken my ankle, but I added a dose of funny to the scene instead.”

As previously released by Lyon College, the cast of “The Importance of Being Earnest” received individual honors from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Trey Smith and Carson Matthews were Irene Ryan nominees for their performances as Algernon Moncrieff and Lady Bracknell while Kendra Bell won an award for excellence in set design. Dr. Foznie Geary won an award for excellence in directing.

Before Dr. Geary joined the College five years ago, the theatre program was struggling to thrive. Lyon had no tech director and had recently cut its theatre major. Over the last five years, the theatre major has recovered amply, gaining at least seven students majoring in theatre and a tech director. In recent years, more students audition for plays than can possibly participate. To meet the desire for more roles, the theatre program will offer four shows throughout the next academic year, two of which will be directed by students.

Of the program’s success, Dr. Geary says, “I am happy to say that our theatre program is rising, and it’s rising principally because of the incredible work that the students have put into it.” 

at Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lyon College Holds 146th Commencement Ceremony on May 12

 Lyon College conferred 148 degrees on the 2018 graduating class at the 146th commencement ceremony Saturday, May 12, in its Becknell Gymnasium.

Keynote speakers included Ms. Amanda Long, Senior Class President, and Mrs. Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and CEO of Birchbox, a subscription service for beauty products.  Beauchamp emphasized to the graduates the importance of resilience for success, encouraging them to move past initial failures without becoming too disheartened.

Mr. Matthew Matheny, Alumni Council President, issued a challenge to the graduates to remain actively engaged with their alma mater by attending College events, staying in contact, and donating time, money, and energy.

Perry Wilson, Chairman of the Lyon College Board of Trustees, announced Dr. Nikki Yonts, Assistant Professor of Psychology, as the recipient of the Lamar Williamson Prize for Faculty Excellence. The Board of Trustees established the Williamson Prize in 1979 in memory of Lamar Williamson. A memorial fund established by the late J. Gaston Williamson support a silver cup and stipend. Wilson and Dr. King presented the trophy, a citation, and the cash award to Dr. Yonts.

Eight graduates also received special honors and awards during the ceremony:

Ashley Green: Alma Cole Metcalf Endowed Scholarship Award

Nicole Sanders: John T. and Diana March Dahlquist Scholar Athlete Award

Jared Self: Dr. Margaret Pruden Lester Fellowship

Amelia Gayle: Daniel Seibert Fellowship

Michael Hunter: Dr. Samuel W. Williams Fellowship

Allison Green: Dr. Ellis G. and Mary Newton Mosley Fellowship

Morgan Webb: Dr. and Mrs. John D. Spragins Award

Hannah Templin: Charles H. Coffin Scholarship Medal


The following students were awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree:

Jon Bryce Alexander, Vilonia, Arkansas; Sarajane Elizabeth Armstrong, cum laude, Forrest City, Arkansas; Marisa Marie Ayers, summa cum laude, Searcy, Arkansas; Nathaniel Alexander Ayers, cum laude, Cave City, Arkansas; Alyssa Christine Batiste, cum laude, Houston, Texas; Brittney Beckham, Memphis, Tennessee; Nicholas Aaron Bernier, Sarasota, Florida; Robann Alysia Brown, Bryant, Arkansas; Mikaela Ann Buckley, South Lake Tahoe, California; Becca Burrow, summa cum laude, Brinkley, Arkansas; Ulises Caba Cordova, cum laude, Mexico; James Austin Canard, cum laude, Batesville, Arkansas; Mikah Clement, Sheridan, Arkansas; James Clift, Sweetwater, Texas; Eden Coker, cum laude, Little Rock, Arkansas; Trenton W. Coles, Cave City, Arkansas; Ashley Rain Crafton, Batesville, Arkansas; Jordan Cummings, Batesville, Arkansas; Brandon Eric Dickey, Batesville, Arkansas; Benjamin Elton Zanartu, Santiago, Chile; Althea Nevada Ertl, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Amber Evans, Piggott, Arkansas; Savannah Fuller, Tucson, Arizona; Amelia Hope Gayle, magna cum laude, Fort Worth, Texas; Graham S. Gillham, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Allison Marie Green, summa cum laude, Cave City, Arkansas; Ashley Elizabeth Green, summa cum laude, Cave City, Arkansas; Caleb Thomas Hall, Kellyville, Oklahoma; Mindy Lee Hamilton, summa cum laude, Melbourne, Arkansas;  Hannah Elisabeth Hanson, Little Rock, Arkansas; Cory Gabrielle Henson, Searcy, Arkansas; Kayla Holloway, Porterville, California; Dalton Drake Homan, Malvern, Arkansas; Logan Hunt, Newport, Arkansas; Cally Renee Irvin, Gravette, Arkansas; Jamie Marie Jackson, Beebe, Arkansas; Evan J. Johnson, Maumelle, Arkansas; Cody W. Jones, Russellville, Arkansas; Jennifer Nicole Keys, cum laude, Harrison, Arkansas; Dunham Edward Tefford Kissack, Searcy, Arkansas; Kullins Clifford Koelling, cum laude, Salem, Arkansas; Robert Colton Kooser, Topeka, Kansas; Toni Lack, Flippin, Arkansas; Dalton Lamons, Desha, Arkansas; Shelby Elizabeth LeGardye, Little Rock, Arkansas; Elley Adrianna Lindsey, Batesville, Arkansas; Amanda Lynne Long, Princeton, Texas; Joshua Randle Lunceford, Yellville, Arkansas; Joseph Kirby Mahony IV, Little Rock, Arkansas; Bradley A. Marquez, Cleburne, Texas; Matthew Clyde Martin, Batesville, Arkansas; Makenzie McDonald, magna cum laude, Batesville, Arkansas; Jamachia C. McKesson, Fort Smith, Arkansas; William McMahan, Drasco, Arkansas; Arne Malte Meyer, Bremen, Germany; Alexander Miles, Sandy, Utah; Latricia Dawn Miller, magna cum laude, Huntsville, Arkansas; Morgan Nicole Miller, magna cum laude, Cave City, Arkansas; Easton Vaughn Moore, Fort Worth, Texas; Kiara Briana Moore, Little Rock, Arkansas; Justas Narusas, Vilnius, Lithuania; Minh Khang H. Nguyen, Batesville, Arkansas; Bailey McRae O’Cain, Cave City, Arkansas; Jacob Perkins, magna cum laude, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Thiago Carlos Dos Reis, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Jesse Ringgold,  Jacksonville, Arkansas; Kristina A. Rodgers, magna cum laude, Batesville, Arkansas; Jennifer Marie Saxton, Batesville, Arkansas; Hayley Alexandra Sederberg, Batesville, Arkansas; Jared Davis Self, summa cum laude, Russellville, Arkansas; Michelle Dawn Shelley, Newport, Arkansas; Jessica K. Souza, Cabot, Arkansas; Gunner Lane Starr, Princeton, Texas; Robin Kay Stewart, Alma, Arkansas; Allison Elizabeth Tackett, cum laude, Bauxite, Arkansas; Erin Marie Dennehy Taylor, Dallas, Texas; Ariel Michelle Templeton, Huntsville, Arkansas; Hannah Lorraine Templin, summa cum laude, Violet Hill, Arkansas, Tayler Lynn Thomason, Sidney, Arkansas; Tyler Nathaniel Tognarine, cum laude, Cape Coral, Florida; Lindsay Taylor Truitt, cum laude, Cypress, Texas; Jhanay Elisa Turner, Little Elm, Texas; Chelzie-Kristina Ulu, Hilo, Hawaii; Taylor Danielle Watson, Little Rock, Arkansas; Connor Heathman Webber, Conroe, Texas; Marcus Brian Willingham, Burlington, Vermont; Nathan J. Wilson, summa cum laude, Mountain View, Arkansas; Sarah Winters, cum laude, Eureka Springs, Arkansas; and Clarissa Jayne Wyatt, Batesville, Arkansas.


The following students were awarded the Bachelor of Science degree:

Monroe Leonis Albertson, magna cum laude, Smithville, Arkansas; Brenda Balderas-Gonzalez, San Felipe, Guanajuato, Mexico; Ethan Lee Ballard, Gosnell, Arkansas; Sumner Barnes, Batesville, Arkansas; Marissa Barrett, cum laude, East Brunswick, New Jersey; Kristen Nicole Blagg, magna cum laude, Joiner, Arkansas; Kayla Brown, Cave City, Arkansas; Brian Heath Bumpous, Newark, Arkansas; Samuel Secratus Burchfield, Wooster, Arkansas; Bethany Butler, magna cum laude, Hot Springs, Arkansas; Camille Clem, Harrisburg, Arkansas; Nicole Das, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Matthew Lee Daugherty, cum laude, Olive Branch, Mississippi; Bradley Alexander Deckelman, cum laude, Harrisburg, Arkansas; Tanner Stanford Duty, Paragould, Arkansas; Jake Samuel Erwin, cum laude, Pocahontas, Arkansas; Jack Fleming, North Little Rock, Arkansas; Jessie Flynn, Calistoga, California; Sabrina Marie Garcia, Camarillo, California; Skye Alexandria Graham, Irving, Texas; Carson Grant, Kingwood, Texas; Ian Hall, cum laude, Jacksonville, Arkansas; Joseph Tucker Harris, Paragould, Arkansas; Spencer David Hart, magna cum laude, Hoxie, Arkansas; Jonathan T. Hendrix, Batesville, Arkansas; Michael A. Hunter, summa cum laude, Harrisburg, Arkansas; Olivia Young Iriana, North Little Rock, Arkansas; Alexandra Keene, Little Rock, Arkansas; Cheyenne R. Kellum, cum laude, Mundelein, Illinois; Allison Dee Lewis, Bettendorf, Iowa; Jacob Mark Lovelace, Stockton, California; Antonio Patrick Mascolino, Sarasota, Florida; Chandler McCoy, Newark, Arkansas; Madison Kate McGraw, magna cum laude, Beebe, Arkansas; Maggie McNamara, cum laude, Harrisburg, Arkansas; Tariq Mryyan, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Brittany Leigh-Ann Northern, Spring, Texas; Leilani Amaris Ocasio, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Jordan Allen Patton, Greenbrier, Arkansas; Jacob Phelps, Fosney, Texas; Rebecca Lee Philpott, magna cum laude, Conway, Arkansas; Jeremy David Porter, Hot Springs, Arkansas; Derrick Joseph Presser, magna cum laude, Batesville, Arkansas; Logan Dale Reddick, Paragould, Arkansas; Robb Rodriguez, Hollister, California; Nicole Sanders, cum laude, Pineville, Louisiana; Ryan Sauceda, Las Cruces, New Mexico; John Michael Sifford, magna cum laude, Jonesboro, Arkansas; George Garrett Stephenson, Spring, Texas; Keith Stoltzfus, cum laude, Concord, Arkansas; Xavier Story, Bushnell, Florida; Rodrigo Antonio, Ugalde Salas, Santiago, Chile; Thomas Robert Upton,  Batesville, Arkansas; Khristan David Uran, Bono, Arkansas; Kollin Walters, magna cum laude, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Morgan Anne Webb, summa cum laude, Perryville, Arkansas; Trent Logan Webb, cum laude, Kingwood, Texas; Samantha Michelle Westcott, summa cum laude, Batesville, Arkansas, and Makala Yvonne White, Stuttgart, Arkansas.

at Monday, May 14, 2018