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Summer: a great time to knock out a class at Lyon

Current Lyon College students may want to use the summertime to advance their degree plans and even save a bit on tuition in the process. From business and economics courses to chemistry or Spanish, Lyon College offers a variety of courses during the summer in both online and traditional formats at a reduced tuition rate of $250 per semester hour.

Dr. Mahbubul Kabir, who will teach Principles of Economics II (ECO102) and Statistical Applications in Business (BUS323), is one of the professors using an online format. "Summer sessions provide a way for students to stay on track and knock a course out quickly, or even just tackle something stimulating over the summer to keep their minds engaged," Kabir said.

“The online sessions give flexibility for students who wish to take a three-hour course as an elective or as part of their business and economics core,” he added.

The first set of summer courses, including Dr. Kabir's, will begin on May 28 and lasts four weeks while others start July 8 and run through early August. For more, visit and search for summer course schedules or contact the Registrar's Office at 870-307-7203.

at Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Students complete 3-D sculpture

The phrase “a bird’s-eye view” took on a new meaning as the spring semester wrapped up at Lyon College. Several art students celebrated the completion of their final project, a 3-D sculpture fittingly titled "Bird's-Eye," resembling a giant bird's nest. To build the sculpture, students repurposed discarded branches and tree limbs cleared earlier in the year to improve the view near the bike trail beyond the Lyon Building.

Students Kendra Bell, Billy Goode, Haven Johnson, Bonnie Roberts, and Brianna Sanchez, led by Professor Maggie Gayle, opened the sculpture to public viewing on May 8.

at Monday, May 20, 2019

Lyon College confers 127 degrees to class of 2019

Lyon College conferred 127 degrees to the 2019 graduating class on Saturday, May 11, in its 147th commencement ceremony.

Keynote speaker Dr. Thomas A. Furness, III, professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, shared on his experiences as a virtual reality pioneer and military scientist. He originally wanted to be an astronaut, but his life went in another direction that he says unfolded in ways even more favorable than he imagined.

“I pray that your journey into the heavens as you blast off will be thrilling, full of wonder and memories and that you have some good favors in your life that help you go in other directions you may think that will be better than the ones you necessarily planned on,” Furness said.

“Think about what lies ahead,” he said. “Yes, you’ll be leaving here, but you really never will leave here because you’ll be accumulating more and more of these memories as far as you go.”

Additional speakers included Taylor Donnerson, student government association president and Samantha Sharp, senior class president.

Perry Wilson, chairman of the Lyon College Board of Trustees, announced Dr. Wesley Beal, associate professor of English, as the recipient of the Lamar Williamson Prize for Faculty Excellence. The Board of Trustees established the Williamson Prize in 1979 in memory of Lamar Williamson. A memorial fund established by the late J. Gaston Williamson supports the silver cup and stipend awarded to the Williamson Prize recipient.

Dr. David Hutchison, vice president of advancement, also welcomed the graduates into the alumni community.

“We have made an investment in you to go and make a difference in the world, and I challenge you to stay invested in this place,” he said.

Eight graduates also received special honors and awards during the ceremony:

Shanae Snow, Alma Cole Metcalf Endowed Scholarship Award

Ali Tucker, John T. and Diana March Dahlquist Scholar Athlete Award

Jaylin Finley, Dr. Margaret Pruden Lester Fellowship

Savannah Youngblood, Daniel Seibert Fellowship

Cassidy Mitchell, Dr. Samuel W. Williams Fellowship

Victoria Hutcheson, Dr. Ellis E. and Mary Newton Mosley Fellowship

Natalie Milligan, Dr. and Mrs. John D. Spragins Memorial Award

Jordan Trant, Charles H. Coffin Scholarship Medal

The following students were candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree:

Kelsey Dawn Adams, cum laude

William Cade Almond

Morgan Anderson

Madison Lee Bangert

Kendra L Bell

Joshua Adam Burcham, cum laude

Skyler Burke

Elizabeth Jean Caplinger

Chase M. Chalk, cum laude

Tacker J.R. Colbert

Nichole Shingleur Cook, magna cum laude

Cedric O'neal Cooney Jr.

Caden Wayd Copeland

William Aaron Crawford

James Robert Davis

Joyce De Freitas Barbosa

Taylor Adline Donnerson

Lindsey Powell-Downs

Peyton Duffield

Emily Shay Dyer

Jaylin Layne Finley, summa cum laude

Debra K. Fletcher, summa cum laude

Jake Erin Fox

Samantha Marie French

Alexandria Fuchsberger

Allison Faith Garrett

Raymond James Gill

Charlie Marie Gills

Dalis Gott

Garrison Chase Gravett

Kaitlyn Guevara

Laramie Chase Hall

Anna Elizabeth Haney, magna cum laude

Brooks Logan Harral

Tanner O. Harris, magna cum laude

Alyssa Morgun Henson

Ridge D. Hester

Isaiah Holyfield

Victoria Lynn Hutcheson, magna cum laude

Jessica Ann Ivy

Robert Turner Kennedy

Donald Elijah Keys

Matthew Cleveland Kirkpatrick, cum laude

David Joseph Knight, cum laude

Ryan Michael Lewis

Zachary Lilly

Royce Valentine LoBianco

Sarah McKnight

Caily Rianne Marie Mendez

Cannon Meurer

Zoya Miller, magna cum laude

Dustin Miller

Cassidy Ann Mitchell, magna cum laude

Nofel Naoman

Rachel Lin Norman

Kacy Jane Perkins

Jennifer Hidy-Pitts, magna cum laude

José Tomás Poblete Romero

Hannah M. Qualls

Cody Richardson

Lucas H. Ried

Christopher Robinson

Courtney Rollans

Alex Rubio Leal

Emir Sabic

Roxanne Scott, cum laude

Joshua Settimio, cum laude

Samantha Ann Sharp, cum laude

Madison Taylor Smith

Hannah Smithee, magna cum laude

ShaNae B. Snow, cum laude

Toby Layne Stipp

McKinley Streett

Randi Thompson, cum laude

Petelo Tuipulotu

Abbigale E. Vanaman

William Tyler Vanlandingham

Braylon Wehrmann, cum laude

Michaela Joyce West, cum laude

Kyle J West

Amanda Jewel Weston

Madisson M. Williams

Kenneth Andres Wilson

Olivia Marie Wolfram

Savannah Youngblood, summa cum laude

The following students were candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree:

Madelyn Nicole Anderson

Devon Reeves Austin, magna cum laude

Stephen James Benedik, cum laude

Alice Faye Bewley, magna cum laude

Justin Lee Bird

Christian Cain, cum laude

Joshua Blake Caldwell

Mitchell Cannon

Joel Riley Caraway, cum laude

Karina Chavez

Garett Stevens Denton

Daniel Isaiah Dunham

Omar Fabila Nieto

Jonathan Followell, summa cum laude

Amanda Marie Ford, cum laude

Joshua Ryan Green

Keifer Erich Hartwig, magna cum laude

Trenston Hawkins

Derek Hendricks

Alec Sean Hester, summa cum laude

Andrew Doyan Hyde

Antanas Krimelis, cum laude

Tressa Lee Linson, cum laude

Leiliani Naivi Lopez

Joseph Toetuuolamou'i Mahe

Mekhi David Malvo-McFall

Andrew William Maxwell

Braden Mead

Ignacio Andrés Milla Munez

Natalie Tate Milligan, summa cum laude

Eric Ekene Moses

Jacqueline Rebecca Neal

Emily Joyce Oldman

Brandon Tyler Olsen

Tanner James Seibel

Zachary N. L. Stewart

Hannah Faith Stucky

Taylor Thibeau

Clark Wesley Thornton

Jordan Trant, summa cum laude

Ali Blaine Tucker, summa cum laude

Nicholas C. Vasquez, magna cum laude


at Monday, May 13, 2019

Lyon senior to start his own business after graduation

Two years ago, Zachary Stewart, ‘19, was a nursing student at a state university with a need for stout coffee. Now graduating from Lyon College with his B.S. in business administration, he’s opening his own coffee shop in Batesville, Nova Joe’s.

Before transferring to Lyon to play football, Stewart discovered a drive-through coffee shop that served as the inspiration for his business.

“I actually started working with them to originally open [a coffee shop] as a franchise,” he said.

That changed following an entrepreneurship class in which the final exam was a business pitch competition hosted by Enactus, an on-campus entrepreneurship organization. Local investors came to hear the students’ pitches, which proved pivotal.

“It helped me really realize that [Nova Joe’s] was actually achievable,” Stewart said. “[During the pitch,] I had three or four people say, ‘what’s the benefit to [a franchise] as opposed to opening your own?’ Unless it’s a big brand… It [isn’t] really that big of a payoff.”

Soon after, one of those investors, Frank Tripp, called Stewart to offer land and materials to help build the business.

“A week later, I called him back and said ‘I want to do this,’” Stewart said, whose first order of business was to secure a loan from First Community Bank in Batesville.

“When I went to the bank, and I told them I was from Lyon, you wouldn’t believe the difference that made,” he said.

Then, with the help of Lyon’s business law professor, Dr. Leigh King, Stewart finalized Nova Joe’s LLC on March 14, and construction began in April.

Stewart has not only started his own business, but he is also building it.

“I asked [Tripp] for a timeline and it was way off, and I said, ‘well, what if I came and helped?’ I would like to try and open more in the future if I could. If I can go ahead and learn how to do this, I can do it myself.”

Nova Joe’s will have two windows, serving two cars at a time. However, Stewart plans to incorporate line-busting, a concept he says is not seen anywhere in town.

“If there’s a long line, we’ll send people out like three cars back, so we can actually do four cars at a time,” he explained. “Nobody else in town currently does that.”

Stewart wants to be involved in the community, and Nova Joe’s is his way to help out. He plans to serve coffee at Southside and Batesville football games, donate to the schools’ band programs, and hold later hours during college exam weeks.

Nova Joe’s is expected to open at the end of May. For more information, visit the Nova Joe’s Coffee Facebook page.

at Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Big Coca-Cola mural equals big opportunities for Lyon students

Lyon College art students have been busy the past few weeks repainting the historic Coca-Cola mural in downtown Batesville. Painting on approximately a 30-by-90 foot canvas brings big opportunities for the students, including Coca-Cola paying them for their work.

“Having this on your resume [that you’re] working for Coca-Cola is kind of huge,” said senior art student Kacy Perkins. “Because of the mural class we’ve had, I’ve gotten other [projects].”

Perkins said she has been asked to work in costuming with San Francisco Ballet when she returns home after graduation. She isn’t the only one enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Senior art student Mckinley Streett will move to Florence, Italy, after graduation to attend the Studio Arts College International. Streett said her favorite part of repainting the historic mural is the “unique opportunity” to paint an advertisement and to be paid by Coca-Cola.

“I’m not afraid of a 30-by-90 foot canvas anymore,” Streett said. “I probably would not have been able to have this opportunity without Lyon.”

Lyon’s Associate Professor of Art Dustyn Bork taught a murals class last semester which resulted in Lyon art students working on other murals in the Batesville community.

Senior art student and Batesville native, Morgun Henson, said the community’s response to repainting the mural has been overwhelmingly positive, and she is happy to see murals in Batesville “blooming.”

“Art is becoming a growing, important part of our town, which is really awesome, especially as a Batesville native because I love Batesville, and I love art, so it’s great to see those two combined,” Henson said.

Henson is taking a directed study with Bork, focusing on mural painting. She recently completed a mural at White River Medical Center, and she has started another mural downtown.

To repaint the large-scale mural, Bork and his students have been using a lift to scale the building, donated by MCS Construction, and they are using paint donated from Home Depot and Behr.

The opportunity to repaint the mural, which Bork said was originally painted in the late 1920s or early 1930s, came about when the Batesville Chamber of Commerce Tourism Director and Lyon graduate, Kyle Christopher, contacted Bork.

“Kyle’s been really instrumental at making this happen,” said Bork. “[The mural] was clinging for dear life, and [Christopher] orchestrated it [being repainted].”

At Christopher’s suggestion, Bork and his students wrote a proposal to Coca-Cola requesting funding, which Coca-Cola granted. The Batesville Chamber of Commerce and the non-profit Main Street Batesville also contributed funds and materials.

Bork’s favorite part about repainting the mural is his students.

“They’re really taking ownership of this,” he said. “Their craftsmanship is impeccable. I have confidence in any one of them that they could, from start to finish, execute a large-scale mural like this on their own.”

The mural is expected to be finished next week. The Batesville Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, May 9, at 2 p.m., on the corner of Central Avenue and Main Street to celebrate the mural.

at Friday, May 3, 2019