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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Lyon College endorses and supports the responsible use of animals in research and teaching. Its Animal Care and Use policy is designed to ensure that animals are used in a humane, productive, and responsible fashion. Faculty, staff and students must comply with all applicable provisions of the USDA Animal Welfare Act and Regulations, federal, state, and local regulations relating to the use of vertebrate animals in research, training and teaching activities.



Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

Any individual who has specific concerns that animals are not being used or treated in a humane and responsible manner by Lyon college faculty, staff, or students is encouraged to report such concerns to any member of the IACUC Program Staff (see below). The IACUC Chair, or other members of the IACUC appointed by the Chair, will investigate. If deficiencies are found, the IACUC will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of animals, and compliance with federal and state regulations and Lyon college policy on the care and use of animals in research, training and teaching activities.

Every effort will be made to protect the confidentiality, to the extent possible, of those reporting animal welfare concerns. Institutional members may not retaliate in any way against those reporting animal welfare concerns.


Contact IACUC Program Members

Institutional Official, Research Compliance

Kurt Grafton, Ph.D.

Nichols Administration Building



IACUC Chair, Practicing Scientist Maryline Jones, Ph.D.

Derby Center



Practicing Scientist

Brittany Florkiewicz, Ph.D.

Derby Center




Practicing Scientist


Eric South, Ph.D.

Derby Center



Attending Veterinarian

Matt Gunter, DVM

Animal Medical Center



Ethics Officer

John Becker, Ph.D.

Lyon Business and Economics Building



General Community Representative

Terri Crawford

First Community Bank