Honors Day


What is Honors Day?

Honors Day is your chance to win enormous amounts of scholarship money, so you can't afford to pass up this opportunity!

When you attend Honors Day, we will

  • Examine your GPA and standardized test scores
  • Conduct a personal interview
  • Obtain a writing sample from you
  • (Optional) Provide an opportunity for you to be reviewed for fine arts scholarships in visual art,* music,** and theatre***. Details are available on each date’s registration forms.
  • Award scholarship packages (based on the above criteria) covering up to the full cost of tuition, room, and board — note that the guaranteed minimum amount you will receive simply for competing is $40,000 ($10,000/yr for four years)
  • Honors Day scholarships cannot be combined with any other institutional (Lyon) aid.

* Art portfolios should consist of no more than 15 works, reflecting the artist’s ability to use a variety of mediums.
**Music auditions should consist of two prepared selections of contrasting styles (and major scales up to 3 sharps and flats for instrumentalists).
***Theatre auditions should consist of two contrasting monologues, one minute each, that are age and gender fitting.

To compete at an Honors Day, students must:


  1. Apply for admission to Lyon
  2. Send high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores (fax to 870-307-7542 or email to admissions@lyon.edu)
  3. Be accepted to Lyon
  4. Register above for the Honors Day of your choice

What if I don't qualify for Honors Day?

Students who do not qualify for Honors Day will very likely qualify for other scholarship money based on ACT and GPA, along with other considerations such as community and campus involvement. Need-based aid is also available for many students. The first step in getting that scholarship money is to apply online and then send your ACT/SAT scores and high school transcript to Lyon at:
Office of Enrollment Services
Lyon College
PO Box 2317
Batesville, AR 72503
- or -
Fax: 870-307-7542

We welcome any questions you might have. Feel free to contact Enrollment Services at admissions@lyon.edu or 800-423-2542. We look forward to seeing your Honors Day RSVP soon!